Adele scolds fans for using filter selfies during her show

Adele wants her fans to go easy on herself. During her long-awaited Las Vegas residency, the British talent took time throughout the show to thank fans for their support after having to postpone her show earlier this year. But when she recently tried to take a selfie with a fan in the audience, Adele was surprised to find that the fan had used a filter that altered her appearance.

"What did you do to my face?!" Adele said in a viral video in which she leaned in to take a photo with a fan who used a filter to make their nose and chin The outline is thinned. "Take the filter off my face!"

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After the initial shock wore off, Adele tried to understand why fans were using the filter in the first place. "Why such a filter? We don't look like that, honey," she said lovingly. "I know," the fan responded before quickly turning off the filter, posing for a photo with the singer and bursting into tears. User @ilovejamyg (whose bio lists her as a Playboy Playmate) nodded in the caption on Instagram, writing: “She called me out and I’m here for it. Haha, totally speechless! "

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Jamy G later responded positively to Bustle through her publicist. "You never know what people are going through and if a beauty filter can cheer someone up, I think that would be great," the model said. "I'm very focused on positivity and making people happy. I love that Adele keeps it real. I think it's a good life lesson that being real can be a good thing."

Jamy G, who won the 2022 Playboy New Zealand Playmate of the Year award, added that she was thrilled to see the singer perform live after her music helped her through a difficult breakup. "Her album 21 really resonated with me. ... The power of music is an essential tool to help us process and heal our emotions. Adele's music was particularly therapeutic for me during that time," she says.

Adele's residency has been loved by critics and fans alike, and videos from the concert show the singer is bringing her music to life. In one post that went viral, Adele can be seen trying to do the Megan Thee Stallion TikTok dance to her song "Water Under the Bridge," while she also posted sentiments from the performance in another post.

Adele's residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas runs through March 25, 2023. If you're lucky enough to get tickets and say hello to the Queen, make sure to turn off your filters.