Everything You Need to Know About J. Lo’s New Album This Is Me… Now

In November 2002, Jennifer Lopez dedicated an album to Ben Affleck. According to The Age , the This Is Me…Then CD featured a tender message to her then-fiancé on the record cover: “You are my life…I love every lyric, every line on this album. An emotion, a sole inspiration for every feeling” record. "Twenty years later, with the couple happily reunited and married, J. Lo is ready to film the follow-up This Is Me... Now , and it sounds like Affleck is her muse once again.

Before the big announcement, Lopez deleted her social media posts hinting that big things were coming. Sure enough, on November 25, the 20th anniversary of "This Is Me... Then," she shared a video unveiling "This Is Me... Now." The video shows her transformation from then to now and shows viewers a trailer for the song of the same name. Her caption also provided more information, so here's everything you need to know about J. Lo's new album.

When was this me... what is the release date now ?

While Lopez didn't announce an exact release date, the end of her announcement video locked in when fans can expect the "musical experience": 2023.

This Is Me… What’s on the tracklist now ?

Lopez held back on some details, but she was generous when it came to the song's title. In fact, she revealed the full tracklist for her upcoming album in an Instagram caption.

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These songs are:

1. "This is me... now"
2. “Make it yours”
3. "Crazy for Love"
4. “Not enough”
5. “Bounce Back”
6. "No. Go. Anywhere."
7. “Dear Ben pt. 2”
8. "Hummingbird"
9. "Heart and Flowers"
10. "Broken Like Me"
11. “This time”
12. “Midnight Trip to Vegas”
13. “The greatest love story never told”

This Is Me… Now the song was inspired by Ben Affleck?

Like its predecessor "This Is Me...Now" in 2002, it is full of love songs. At least one is definitely about Affleck, "Dear Ben. Two." Lopez wrote the original in 2002, telling him how much he meant to her, and she sang passionate lyrics like “I love you, you are perfect/The embodiment of my dreams” and “I think God created you for me/A combination of passion and loyalty.”

Several other songs also appear to be inspired by the couple's romance. "Midnight in Vegas" appears to be a clear reference to her and Affleck's wedding in Sin City in July, while "This Time Around" may be an allusion to their reunion after nearly 20 years apart. Beloved works like "To Be Yours," "Mad in Love," "Can't Get Enough," "Hearts and Flowers" and "The Greatest Love Story Never Told" were likely inspired by Benny Inspired by Eph 2.0 as well.

All will be revealed in 2023, but hopefully Lopez will continue to reveal tidbits between now and then.