Miley Cyrus opens up about her divorce from Liam Hemsworth

As part of her "Once Young" TikTok series, Miley Cyrus has been busy reflecting on her past, which includes her marriage to ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. In a Part 37 video released on September 6, the Flowers hitmaker reflected on her divorce from The Hunger Games actor and revealed that the day she performed at Glastonbury in 2019 , she knew her marriage to Hemsworth was over.

"I'm just trying to slow down because this is actually serious," Cyrus said in the video. "The day of the show, I decided I wasn't going to continue the relationship. It was another moment where the work, the show, the character came first. I think that's why it's so important to me now that that's not the case."

The singer went on to explain that their decision to get married "came from a place of love," but also from a "place of trauma," as the couple recently lost their home in the 2018 Woolsey Fire.

Cyrus and Hemsworth married in December 2018 and announced their divorce in August 2019 after eight months of marriage. The two dated on and off for 10 years before splitting, and were first engaged in 2012. In the 20th installment of her "Once Young" TikTok video series, released on Sept. 1, the Grammy nominee reflected on her relationship with Hemsworth, sharing that she had an "unforgettable relationship" with the actor. Denial” chemical reaction.

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Recalling her audition process for the 2010 romantic drama "The Last Song," starring Cyrus and Hemsworth, the singer revealed: "After we wrote the script, it was time to audition all the people who would play me in the show. Boyfriend Will’s Man” movie, we’ve gone from thousands to the final three. Liam is one of the final three members. "

In the clip, the Hannah Montana star explains that her real-life romance with Hemsworth while filming "made the movie feel so special." She continued: "It's watching two very young people fall in love with each other, and it happens in real life."