9 Things to Chant About Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Taking part in Taylor Swift's Eras Tour requires months of preparation, patience and endurance training. First, you have to survive Ticketmaster's "The Great War" and actually get your hands on a ticket, and then you need to wait in the merch line for hours, even if you buy that coveted blue piece days before the show. Collar shirt. Finally, you'll need to study all the Eras Tour songs and lyrics to scream them out, especially if you're not a natural Swiftie. If not, your Swiftie concert mates may be disappointed in you if you're not prepared.

In addition to singing along to the entire 44-song record, Swift fans also chanted and screamed some lyrics at the Eras tour that might have sounded stranger to more casual attendees. . But in fact, it's a testament to the power and connection of the Swiftie community and one of the many things that connects Swiftie to her audience every night. Some of the chants are long-standing traditions from Swift's previous tours, while others were inspired by viral moments and performances from the Era tour itself, such as Swift scolding a security guard for disturbing a fan.

If you didn't spend the weekend watching Eras Tour's Instagram Live to prepare for your show (or relive the memories), here are all the most important lyrics and chants to remember for your own show.

The Bridge of Cruel Summer

Time : "Cruel Summer"

Why : Because Swift tells you to do so.

How it all started : Fans have been waiting for nearly four years for an epic movie set that screams "Cruel Summer," and Swift didn't want to make fans wait another second, so she cut "Lover" into the series ’s second song. The show also invited fans to sing "The First Bridge at Night" with her.

double shot

When : After "You Belong With Me," Swift sings "When you know you're gonna cry" in the bridge.

Why : Because it's a long-standing Swiftie tradition.

How the story begins : Back during the 2009 Fearless tour, Swift's band started clapping twice during "You Belong With Me," matching the random drum beats on the bridge. She hasn't performed the song on every tour since, but when she does, every Swift in the audience claps.

"1, 2, 3, let's go!"

Time : "Exquisite," after the vocoder editor's intro.

Why : Because Swift specifically put "Delicate" on the playlist so you could scream it.

Here's how it started : In May 2018, Swift's Emily Valencia randomly screamed this during the Swift Reputation Stadium Tour at the famed Rose Bowl point and posted the video on Twitter. The rest is history. Now, Swift and her dancers often mark the countdown with their fingers. "It was the weirdest thing, but that's what happened," Valencia told BuzzFeed in March.

“Fuck the patriarchy!”

Swift also sang lyrics on : "All Too Well (10-Minute Version)."

Why : Does this need an explanation?

How it started : This classic expression is one of the most surprising new lyrics in the 10-minute version of "All Too Well," and is always designed for emotional concert screams.

your city name

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When : The "blank" after each line in the bridge.

Why : Because it's so strangely satisfying.

How the story began : While performing "Blank Space" on her 1989 world tour, Swift demonstrated her looping device by shouting out the name of the city she was performing in, then repeating it through the speakers while crossing a bridge Play. Somehow it's incredibly catchy and doesn't hinder the flow of the song at all.

"Hey, stop!"

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Time : During the second chorus of "Bad Blood".

Why : Because Swift yelled this line to security during her Eras Tour show, which is fun to copy.

Here's how it started : During her May 13 show in Philadelphia, Swift noticed a fan was being interrupted and pushed by a security guard for dancing, and she didn't let him get away with it. "She didn't do anything," she yells at the guards in the song, and pleads multiple times to "Stop!" The requests became a hilarious new slogan and launched fan-made merchandise on Etsy.

"You forgive, you forget, but you never let go."

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When : In "Bad Blood," Swift first sings, "If you live like that, you live with ghosts," in the bridge.

Why : Kendrick Lamar sang on the bridge of Swift's "Bad Blood" remix.

Origins : Swift performed a generic version of "Bad Blood" on her 1989 tour and her 2015 and 2018 Reputation tours, but fans sang Lamar's line during Swift's return to the bridge. Preserving the spirit of her remixes with Lamar, it's a tradition that continues on the Eras Tour.

"Tyler, you're going to be okay!"

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After "Anti-Hero," Swift sings "like some kind of congressman" in the second chorus.

Why : Because even Swift needs some support from time to time.

How it started : Bleachers' Jack Antonoff sang on the song, filling in for Swift as a response to Swift's lyrics on the remix of "Anti-Hero" "Tale as Old as Time". When Swift sang her 40th song of the night (yes, 40th), some fans took it as a show of support.


After "Karma", Swift sang "Karma brought all my friends to the top of the mountain" on the bridge.

Reason : Because that's what Swift Mama (meaning Swift's mother) does.

How it started : On her remix of "Karma," Ice Spice delivers a new verse filled with Swift's quotable lines and some background ad-libs. However, nothing makes Swift laugh more than simply stating "the truth" as she crosses the bridge, a phrase that Swift's mom has turned into the latest Eras Tour slogan. If it's good enough for her, then it should become a tradition for all of us.