Olivia Wilde challenges Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce sparks outrage

Olivia Wilde is somewhat questioning Taylor Swift's relationship choices despite having a mutual ex. At the very least, Wilde (and the rest of the country) witnessed how the constant buzz surrounding Swift's romance rumors with Travis Kelce focused the attention of an entire new crowd on the NFL. However, as Wilde sees it, the "Cruel Summer" singer could use the immense power of her celebrity for more worthy causes.

The "Don't Worry Darling" director retweeted an Oct. 5 tweet from "Westworld" actor Katya Herbers on her Instagram Story without adding any comment, writing: "I hope Taylor Swift falls in love with a climate scientist."

In a follow-up post on X (formerly Twitter), Herbers, who doubles as a climate activist, elaborated on how she imagined Swift "rushing to Google 'climate emergency'" and the impact this might have on raising awareness. far-reaching impact. "Taylor will join her fellow scientists in the rally to end fossil fuels and the world will be saved," she added.

In fact, the numbers continue to support the so-called "Taylor Swift Effect." After making a surprise appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs home game on Sept. 24, not only did Swift's apparel sell out quickly, but Kelce's jersey sales reportedly soared nearly 400%.

The following week, she took on New York City in East Rutherford, N.J., with an entourage of A-list stars including Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. An average of 27 million viewers tuned in for the Jets' second game on NBC and Peacock, making it the most-watched Sunday show since the Super Bowl, with female viewership jumping more than 35 percent.

So while some speculated that Wilde's post was a cover-up for Swift, the tweet's author refuted those claims. On October 7, Herbs clarified: "This is not to attack anyone. This is about how the media is more concerned about Taylor Swift's new boyfriend than the climate emergency we're in and if there's a way to fix it this problem……"

Most social media users did seem to think Wilde was joking. One person wrote: “I don’t think she was [criticizing] Taylor, I think she was pointing out our sudden focus on football and how great it would be if we directed all our energy towards fighting the climate crisis. "

However, Wilde still faced backlash, mostly because they both dated Harry Styles. (Swift and the British pop star were romantically involved more than a decade ago; Wilde and Styles reportedly ended their two-year relationship in November 2022.) Some noted that the The Babylon actor has traveled the world on numerous vacations and press conferences. Being on a private jet made her Instagram post seem "hypocritical."

One commenter noted that while she may have a point, Wilde was "the wrong messenger," adding, "I don't remember Harry Styles restoring the ozone layer while they were dating."