HAIM's Eras Tour Setlist Includes Taylor Swift's Favorite Songs

Of the 10 opening acts on Taylor Swift's Eras tour, no one is closer to the singer than the HAIM sisters. Alana, Danielle and Esther Haim have a long-standing friendship with the Grammy winner, with Swift even referring to herself as "the four Haim sisters" on several occasions. The band previously opened for her on her 1989 world tour in 2015, and their creative partnership has continued to grow since then, releasing two collaborative pieces in two months.

HAIM were already familiar with the Eras tour before their first show, and attended the opening night in March just to support Swift. But when they finally joined in Seattle on July 22, they knew what an honor it was and how big the tour would be, calling it the "eighth wonder of the world" on TikTok.

After returning from opening act duties, HAIM also took to the stage during Swift's set of "Evermore" to perform their 2020 collaboration "No Body, No Crime," which Swift affectionately dubbed on Twitter. No body, no Haim". Leading up to the long-awaited moment, the band rocked the stadium with hits from three studio albums, including songs from the Grammy-nominated album Women In Music Pt. III Swift called her "favorite" and jumped on the remix. Read on for HAIM's Eras tour set list.

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HAIM's Eras tour set list

  1. "Now I'm in it"
  2. "My Song 5"
  3. "Hope you come back"
  4. "I'm Gonna Be Hangover" (Acapella)
  5. "electric wire"
  6. "gasoline"
  7. "step"

HAIM's Eras Tour