Taylor Swift tackles slut-shaming like never before in 'Slut!'

Taylor Swift will not tolerate any slut-shaming. Since she released her "From the Vault" track (Taylor's version) in 1989 in September , Swifties have been particularly drawn to one song with a catchy title: "Slut!"

When the album drops on October 27, Swifties will finally be able to hear the song in person—and it absolutely delivers on the promise of its title.

What is "Slut!" about?

Co-created with long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff and producer Patrick Berger, Slut! Swift acknowledged the reputation the media had built for her as a serial dater before 1989 , noting that people often "called me a slut."

But rather than teasing and playfully embracing this false image, as her 1989 single "Blank Space" did, Swift simply shed it (pun intended), opting for a mid-tempo, alluring '80s synth To romanticize her relationship and then make the haters hate.

"If I dress up, they'll probably look at us too," she sings. "If they call me a slut, you know it might be worth it this time."

Taylor Swift accepts the 1989 Album of the Year award on stage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Still, Swift took the opportunity to subtly address her critics, pointing out in the second verse what they're really mad about her about: dating a man they like.

"The sticks and stones they threw froze in mid-air," she sang. “Everybody wanted him, that was my crime / Being in the wrong place at the right time.”

In a voice note posted to Tumblr, Swift revealed that the song's similar themes to "Blank Space" were one of the reasons it didn't make the cut in 1989 , along with another of her "weird rules."

"I love this song because I think it's really dreamy," she said. "I always thought of '1989' as a New York album, but this song was always California to me. Maybe that's another reason why it didn't make the cut, because sometimes thematically I had these weird Little rules.”

Swift's experience with slut-shaming

Swift has previously been outspoken about experiencing slut-shaming throughout her career due to the intense tabloid focus on her dating history. In the "Foreword" she wrote for the 1989 (Taylor edition) booklet, she reflected on this period of her life.

"I have been the target of slut-shaming - if this happened today, its intensity and ruthlessness would be criticized and condemned," she wrote. "Jokes were made about the number of boyfriends I had. My songwriting was trivialized as if it were the predatory behavior of a boy-crazy psychopath. The media co-signed that narrative. I had to make it stop because it was starting to get real pain."

She continued:

"It became clear to me that there was no such thing as casual dating or even a male friend to hang out with platonically for me. If I was caught with him, people would assume I was sleeping with him . Therefore, I vow never to associate, date, flirt, or anything that could be used against me by a culture that claims to believe in liberating women but has always treated me with a strict Victorian moral code.”

Taylor Swift 2023 Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2016, Swift appeared in Vogue magazine 's 73 Questions, and when asked what advice she would give to her 19-year-old self, Swift said she would warn herself about the scrutiny she was about to endure.

"Hey, you'll be allowed to date like a normal 20-something, but you'll become a lightning rod for national slut-shaming," she said at the time.

Taylor Swift's "Slut!" "lyrics

Flamingo Pink, Sunrise Boulevard
Ding dong dong dong being young is art
Aquamarine, moonlit swimming pool
What if all I need is you?
Dazzled by love
The bed is full of lovesickness
Like to think you'll never forget
Handprints on wet cement
My clothes are decorated with smoke
Lost in love but no one knows
This rose is covered with thorns of love
I'll pay the price, you won't
But if I dress up, they might look at us too
If they call me a slut you know it might be worth it this time
If I'm going to get drunk, I might as well get drunk on love
Send the code and he'll be waiting there
The sticks and stones they threw froze in mid-air
Everybody wants him and it's my fault
Wrong place at the right time
I broke down and he pulled me in
In a boy's world, he is a gentleman
Bewitched by love, go straight to my head (go straight to my head)
My bed is full of lovesickness (on my bed)
Like to think you'll never forget
I think we'll pay the price
But if I dress up (If I dress up)
They might as well be watching us (looking at us)
If they call me a slut (If they call me a slut)
You know it might be worth it this time (Worth it once)
If I'm going to get drunk, I might as well get drunk on love
Half asleep, half awake, take your time
Under the orange and neon lights, this is luxury
you didn't say you love me
but you want
Half asleep, seize the opportunity
That's a big mistake, I said, "It might explode in your pretty face"
I'm not saying "do it anyway" (do it anyway)
but you want
up ! If they call me a slut !
You know this time it might be worth it
If I were to get drunk !
I might as well indulge in love