Stormzy was the ultimate fan when she met Taylor Swift

There were many standout moments at the MTV EMAs in Germany on Sunday (November 13), but Taylor Swift undoubtedly dominated the night. The singer, who recently released her Midnight album, won four of the six awards she was nominated for. She won awards for "Best Artist," "Best Video," "Best Pop Music," and "Best Long-form Video." That's not all, Swift also helped Stormzy realize his dream by posing for a photo with the rapper.

It all started when Stormzy went live on Instagram, documenting his mission to meet Swift backstage. "Someone tried to take a photo with Taylor Swift," he said in the first video, tagging the singer. A few minutes later, he found where she was, and after a quick touch-up by the staff, the two finally met. He shared the photo on Instagram, which shows Swift smiling and posing next to Stormzy with a wine glass in hand.

Returning to Instagram Live, the rapper shared his excitement with fans. When he was asked what his favorite song from Swift's album Midnight was, he was quick to answer. Stormzy proved to be such a sucker for the "antihero" that he even made fans listen to a line in the chorus. “I’m the problem, it’s me,” he belts out.

Meanwhile, Swift has previously shared her love for Stormzy, telling DJ Scott Mills in 2019 that she was "happy to lose to him" when her song "Me!" competing with the rapper's hit "Vossi Bop" on the UK charts. Stormzy ended up taking the #1 spot.

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Elsewhere at the EMAs, Stormzy wowed the crowd with his stellar performance. However, his performance on Monday morning was less successful, with Stormz revealing he missed his flight home from Germany. The rapper shared a photo of himself in a dressing gown and sunglasses, writing: "Missed the flight." In a follow-up video, the rapper can be seen lying on his team's lap as they Waiting at the airport.