Celine Dion reveals she was diagnosed with zombie syndrome

Celine Dion is opening up about the mystery behind her health issues. In an emotional Instagram video on December 8, Dion revealed that she had been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called stiff-person syndrome, which was the cause of her recent muscle spasms, which led to her planned Las Vegas residency and European tour dates postponed. "I've been dealing with my own health issues for a long time, and it's been really difficult for me to face those challenges and talk about what I've been through," she said.

The "I Drove All Night" singer told fans on Instagram that zombie syndrome affects "one in a million people" and explained how it affects her daily life, including her voice. "While we're still learning about this rare condition, we now know this is what's causing all the cramps I've been having," she said. "Unfortunately, these spasms affect every aspect of my daily life, sometimes causing me difficulty walking and being unable to use my vocal cords to sing in the way I am accustomed to."

According to Yale University Medical Center, symptoms of stiff-person syndrome include muscle stiffness in the trunk and limbs and "severe muscle spasms," which can ultimately lead to difficulty walking and other potentially limiting disabilities. The cause of the disease is unknown, but neuroscientists stress that it is extremely rare.

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As a result, Dion was forced to postpone part of his European tour again. As the title suggests, Dion's spring 2023 tour dates have been postponed to early 2024, while her summer shows have been canceled entirely. Her shows, which start in August 2023, have not yet been affected. “I work every day with my sports medicine therapist to regain my strength and ability to perform again,” she said. "But I have to admit it's a struggle."

Dion ended the video by thanking her fans and family for their support and pledging to make her recovery her main focus, getting teary-eyed in the process. "I miss seeing you all and performing for you on stage. When I perform, I always give 100 percent, but my circumstances don't allow me to give you this right now," she said. "Take care of yourself. I wish you all the best. I love you all so much and I really hope to see you again soon."