Beyoncé's Renaissance trailer has fans asking where the visual effects are

The Renaissance continues—but it may not include what the Hive really wants to see. On November 9, Beyoncé released the second trailer for her upcoming Renaissance Concert film, which previews will begin on November 30. However, fans still have one major question: what to expect.

The new trailer offers a more comprehensive preview of her record-breaking Renaissance World Tour, from the stunning backdrops to the many custom outfits she wore, as well as new footage showing off the tour concept.

"I have to be very strong in this male-dominated world," she says in a voiceover. "Balancing motherhood and being on stage, it reminds me of who I really am."

In October, Variety reported that the Renaissance film would include long-awaited visuals from the album, as well as actual concert and behind-the-scenes footage. However, neither trailer so far suggests that's the case, and fans on X are asking one thing.

Beyoncé in 2023 Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Where are the visuals?

Beyoncé's management company, Parkwood, said the Renaissance visuals will be released "at a later date" after the album's 2022 release. Despite evidence that she filmed the above visual, Bay has yet to release a music video for the single from her seventh album.

She even pranked fans who asked about them, telling the audience at a show in July, "Baby, you're the visual."

To further spoof them, Bay included the moment in the new trailer, leading fans to think that the Renaissance visuals might not be included as previously hoped - and Hive is upset about it.

"Beyoncé wants to remind us with cinematic sound quality that the actual visuals will never come," one fan wrote. One Beyhive member said, "Beyoncé saying 'You're the visual, baby' in the trailer is so annoying," while another fan called her decision "foul." "I love my mom but she doesn't have to include this," one fan added.

Beyoncé in 2023 Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

However, some fans are still hoping that the visuals will still be incorporated in some way, with one fan even imagining how that could be done. "As soon as the 'You're a Vision Baby' scene plays in the movie, the screen goes black and the 'I'm That Girl' music video starts playing," they wrote.

Another fan tagged Beyoncé and Packwood, simply saying: "If you want to be smart about this movie, put a trailer for the visual effects in the end credits."

Beyoncé popcorn bucket

In addition to the new trailer, theater chains around the world have announced that fans can purchase special Renaissance -themed popcorn buckets and popcorn cups when they watch the movie, which opens on November 30. Yes, they are stunning.

Naturally, fans are already making purchase plans. “AMC is about to charge you $45 for Beyoncé’s popcorn bucket,” one fan wrote, while another declared, “December 1st, Beyoncé, You'll see me through the screen holding a big tub of buttered popcorn."