Nick Jonas handles fans throwing objects at him during concert

Worryingly, concertgoers are throwing objects at artists as they perform on stage, with Nick Jonas being forced to shout at fans during a recent show. In a now-viral TikTok clip, Jonas performed "Rollercoaster" with the Jonas Brothers at a Sept. 11 concert in Sacramento, California. In the viral video, the "Jealous" hitmaker quickly dodges several unknown objects, prompting him to shake his head at his onlookers. Jonas then repeatedly told concertgoers to "stop" and continued performing.

Many TikTok users were quick to share their thoughts on the viral video, with one user fuming: "These fans are out of control! Artists are being slapped in the face hoping they will get attention." Meanwhile, another One fan commented: "He's shaking his head for the first time... you know he's angry," and one user noted: "He's still smiling but angry at the same time."

As mentioned, this latest incident on stage comes after a recent spate of fans throwing objects at the stage. In June 2023, Bebe Rexha was hit in the face with a cell phone during a concert in New York City, and a fan was subsequently charged with assault. Just 24 hours later, "Sweet But Psycho" hitmaker Ava Max was slapped in the face by a concertgoer in Los Angeles. "He slapped me so hard that he cut my eye. He will never come to the show again," Max wrote of the incident.

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"So What" performer P!nk recently received several unexpected fan gifts from the audience during a performance in London, including a large wheel of cheese and a bag of ashes.

In July 2023, singer-songwriter Adele spoke during her Las Vegas residency and discussed the recent trend of throwing objects on stage, asking the audience: “Have you ever noticed how people are Forgetting fucking etiquette? People throwing trash on stage." The Grammy winner continued: "I fucking dare you to throw something at me and I'll fucking kill you. you."