Everything you need to know about Monarch Season 2

"Monarch," the Fox TV series about a country music family, It opens with patriarch Albie Roman (Tress Adkins) burying a body – and in the season 1 finale, we finally saw who took responsibility for the murder. As fans discovered in episode seven, the body was that of Nicky's (Anna Friel) ex-husband Clive (Adam Crosdell). When he attacks Nikki, Gigi (Beth Ditto) hits him in the head with a prize statue. This wasn't enough to kill Clive, but Alby shot and buried him to make sure he was dead.

The season ends with Clive being arrested for his death and other things revealed about Jamie's (Damon Dayoub) past and Keira's (Meagan Holder) premature birth. So, while Fox has yet to announce whether there will be a second season of Monarch , there are plenty of clues about what to expect in the upcoming season.

"We have murders, we have cover-ups, we have infidelity, we have sibling rivalries, we have criminal investigations, we have families falling apart but trying to stay together," showrunner Jon Feldman told TVInsider. "I'm not even mentioning the possibility that the family could lose control of the record label that has been their namesake for 40 years. So there's no shortage of drama, stakes and complexity ahead for Romans."

Ratings for "Monarch" were lower than other Fox dramas such as "The Cleaning Lady" and "9-1-1." It also didn't get great reviews: "Featuring sibling rivalry, blackmail, infidelity and wigs — oh, so many wigs! — 'Monarch' is often a mess," Kristen Baldwin wrote Entertainment Weekly wrote. But Baldwin also added, "God help me, I'll watch every episode."


Fox also announced that the network will "enhance its own content portfolio" in 2023, so executives may be interested in keeping Monarch since its current stable of series is smaller compared to animated and live-action dramas . Here's everything we know about potential season 2 content.

What is the potential premiere date for Monarch Season 2?

While streaming TV series tend to take a year to air, Fox tends to produce them faster. "The Cleaning Lady" took a month to update, and the average between seasons of that show and "9-1-1" was six months. Given this, if Monarch gets an extension, it could debut sometime in the summer of 2023.

Who is the cast of Monarch Season 2?

Of course, it's unlikely we'll see Crosdale's Clive in future seasons, but other members of the Roman family are expected to return. These include Trace Adkins as Albie, Anna Friel as Nikki, Beth Ditto as Gigi and Joshua Sasse as Luke Roman. Also returning are Jamie (Damon Dayoub), Kayla (Meagan Holder), Skyler (Marcia Cross), Carter (Martha Higareda) ), Ace (Inigo Pascual) and Anna (Emma Milani), the latter of whom had her breakthrough role in "The Monarch."

“I’d like to see Ana come back to herself more in her music. I’d like to see her get more into country rock and start crafting a The pop star self they are trying to create. ” After getting updated, she was eager to sing John Prine’s “In spite of ourselves.”

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