Viola Davis wins honors at 2023 Grammy Awards

It's always exciting when a star receives the coveted (and very rare) EGOT honor - aka an Emmy, Grammy, Academy Award, and Academy Award. Tony. Ahead of the 2023 Grammy Awards, only 17 celebrities have won all four awards. But on February 5, Viola Davis became the 18th winner of the EGOT.

The "Queen" star won a Grammy for audiobook, narration and storytelling recording for her memoir "Finding Me." Although this momentous victory occurred before the main ceremony was televised, it did start the night on a celebratory note. "I wrote this book in memory of 6-year-old Viola," Davis began her acceptance speech. "Honoring her life, her joy, her trauma, everything about her. It's been such a journey - I'm just conceited!"

Davis went on to thank "everyone involved in her story" and gave special thanks to her husband and daughter. "My love, Julius Genesis, you are my life and my joy," she said. "You are the best chapter in my book."

It's fitting that Davis completed her EGOT with her memoir, because as she told Bustle in 2018, "this part of [her] life was more about meaning" than going it alone. "It's not just about getting this role and getting praise and then bragging about it and saying, 'Oh, can I get another award for this? When is my next great review coming out?' That feels really empty to me. ,” she explained, adding that she was focused on “legacy” and “leaving something behind.”

Clearly, "Find Me" accomplished this mission. While Davis wasn't pursuing the award per se, it was special to see her win the coveted "EGOT" regardless. Several of her fellow stars took to social media to celebrate the big win, including Davis' former EGOT star Jennifer Hudson. "Hang in there!!!!!" she wrote, describing Davis as a "living legend."

2023 Grammy Award nominee Taylor Swift also showed some love via tweet, simply writing: “EGOT BABYYYYYYY