Bachelor's Christina Mandrell comes from one of country music's most famous families

When ABC announces Zach Shallcross as their newest Bachelor during the Final Rose special in September 2022, the stars of the upcoming Season 27 will Five of his contestants met, as well as others in the United States. Among them was Christina Mandrell, a 27-year-old content creator from Nashville, Tennessee, who brought along two mini wine bottles to toast to their upcoming journey together to find love. The next time "Bachelor Nation" saw Christina was in the trailer for Zach's season of "The Bachelor ," she addressed the issue by confirming she was the woman with her face buried in the mansion ahead of the reality show's Jan. 23 premiere. A sneak peek of a mystery. stairs.

"Name a better combination than me and the mosaic staircase...I'll wait," she wrote on Instagram on January 21, including a voiceover noting that it was "not a coping skill."

In Christina's Bachelor bio, she describes herself as a single mom who was "ready for her perfect fairy tale love story." After her divorce, she was looking for the perfect man because "she was with her daughter." Before she officially kicks off the Bachelor party, here's everything you need to know about Christina.

Christina Mandrell's family

It turns out Zach (whose uncle is "Seinfeld" actor Patrick Warburton) isn't the only one with a famous family member. Christina is the daughter of country music singer Erin Mandrell and gun rights activist Rob Pincus. Erin is the youngest of the three Mandrell sisters, which also includes Grammy Country Music Hall of Famer and actress Barbara Mandrell. In the early 1980s, Irlene appeared on NBC's "Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters" variety show with her siblings.

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Christina's daughter Blakely was born in early December 2016, weighing "a whopping 4 pounds, 14 ounces," she announced via social media at the time. Having children at my age allowed me to really figure out who I was, and it really shaped me into the woman I am today," she wrote two years later. Blakely's father is Christina's ex-husband, Blake Dennis, of two The pair began dating in 2012 and married at her aunt Barbara's Fontanelle Mansion in Nashville in 2015. Shortly before their wedding, Christina miscarried twins and opened up about the experience.

It's unclear exactly when she and Blake divorced, but she posted photos of a "date night" with Blake as recently as August 2020. Despite her ex-husband's breakup, Christina seems to be on good terms with Blake's girlfriend Sidney, with whom she hopes to have a bright future. happy birthday on Instagram and posted a video of their co-parenting slumber party.

Christina Mandrell's work

In 2008, Christina signed with The Block Agency and began to pursue her "dream of being an actress." Her first gig was as an extra in the Hannah Montana movie alongside Miley Cyrus. "I was so excited but then sadly realized that after the premiere of the movie, you will only see me 0 times!" she wrote on Instagram. Christina is also a model, having a role in Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" music video in 2009 and going on to appear in "Florida Georgia Line" and many more music video and most recently appeared in Cole Swindell's 2022 clip "She Let Me Lead Carolina." Her other acting credits include roles with Hayley Duff and Dean Kane co-starred in 2014's Christmas Belle .

After The Bachelor premiered, Christina joked there was a "conspiracy theory" that her cameo at the end of Swift's music video reflected her time on the ABC series. "Obviously, I look at Zac like I look at Taylor Swift," she wrote in a Jan. 25 Instagram montage. "New conspiracy theory, I stared first at Taylor and then at Zach, which inevitably led to me crying on the stairs."

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In 2018, Christina started blogging "to be able to share my life from being a mom, owning my own business, becoming a wife, beauty, fashion, and designing a new home." She has incorporated this into her current role as a content creator and social Throughout her career, the media influencer has frequently shared sponsorship discount codes for her followers, in addition to co-running a wedding planning company called It Takes Two.

Christina Mandrell's Instagram

On Instagram, Christina posted about her experiences with "daily" mom-shaming on social media. "I heard it all. But guess what, it doesn't change anything," she wrote after posting a TikTok of her dance with Blakely. "No one knows the whole story. No one has the right to shame other parents on the internet or make them question whether they should post a completely innocent video. My daughter means the world to me and I will never tell her to stop dancing. People, let Let’s be kind to each other!”

In addition to sharing her workout and fitness journey, she also supports her father's Second Amendment activism. In the past, she has used gun advocacy and NRA hashtags and shared photos of herself shooting her father's gun and matching her fingernails to the ammunition.

Christina's Instagram also makes it seem like she's been projecting her bachelorette persona for years. In February 2019, she captioned the Valentine's Day celebration, "The Bachelor tonight...the most dramatic episode yet," and less than a year later she followed up with another post Added the caption: "Can I steal you for a moment?" with a red rose. She continued to post about and pose with roses in February 2020, and a few months later she even filmed a workout video with Luke Pell, who was on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette .