Selena Gomez & Blackpink's post-show meetup will leave fans hungry for more

When there's Blackpink in your area, learn from Selena Gomez and show up. The "My Mind & Me" singer recently had the chance to catch up with her "Ice Cream" collaborators Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie and Lisa thanks to their ongoing Bour Pink tour, and needless to say, she jumped at the chance Chance. The five artists are finally in the same place, more than two years after they released their 2020 hits amid travel restrictions and shutdowns.

On November 26, Gomez posted three photos of the five-piece on Instagram, paying homage to the lyrics of "Ice Cream" and captioning them, "Selpink chillin'." At every show, the Blackpink members still wore their concert looks, hinting that Gomez was backstage at one of their shows. Soompi hinted that the party took place in Newark, where Blackpink will perform on November 14 and 15, while fans on Twitter speculated that the party took place in Los Angeles, the final city on the North American leg of the tour, which they performed in November A concert was held there on the 19th and 20th.

No matter where they met, countless fans seemed happy for the long-awaited moment. "I love this view so much," someone commented on Gomez's post. Another wrote: "My dreams are crying!!!" Someone else added, "So glad you finally met."

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On Twitter, though, fans were a little restless. Many felt like they were being deprived of something special - a live performance of "Ice Cream." The fact that all five women are there and Blackpink are already performing... well, what more do they need? Some confused Twitter users asked, like one who wrote, "What's stopping you from making ice cream now[?]"

Many other fans expressed their frustration at not being able to see the show. "Selena was at the blackpink Los Angeles concert??? and they didn't make ice is so unfair," one person tweeted. Apparently feeling equally dramatic, someone else wrote, "Selena actually went to see blackpink and still didn't give us an ice cream show, she loves seeing us suffer."

A handful of Blinks expressed a more optimistic attitude and looked forward to seeing Selpink perform the hit song "one day." As one Twitter user said, "We finally got a photo of blackpink and Selena Gomez together, so now all we need is to see Selpink perform a live version of Ice Cream." So far, Gomez and Blackpink hasn't revealed when or if that will happen, but Rosé showed her love for the Only Murder in the Building star by sharing the post on her Instagram Story and adding a heart hand emoji .

Blackpink's Rosé retweeted Selena Gomez's photo of the fivesome to show her love after they met on the show.

For now, it's hard to blame fans for being disappointed. When the five had to work separately on August 2020's "Ice Cream" music video, Gomez talked about their collective potential in behind-the-scenes footage. "I wish I could be with them," she said. "I keep saying this because I promise you, if we could be in the same place, we could have this energy."