Here's Why You Should Wait Until Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Movie Credits

Spoilers ahead for Taylor Swift: The Time Tour movie Taylor Swift: The Time Tour . Taylor Swift's knack for inserting subtle messages into everything she does is unparalleled, and she continues that trend with the Eras Tour movie. A message appears in the film's closing credits.

Swift's sweet message to fans

The "Eras Tour" movie doesn't have a typical post-credits scene, but there is a special treat for Swifties after the credits. She left a sweet message for the audience, creatively writing friendship bracelets in all era colors to commemorate how the bracelets became the go-to accessory for attendees.

"Thank you to the most generous, thoughtful, loving fans on the planet," the message read (without the commas). "This is all because of you and for you."

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The singer also penned another affectionate message to fans on social media before heading to the Eras Tour premiere on October 11, announcing that the film will be released in theaters for a sneak preview the day before it was announced.

"I'm so grateful that you want to see this film, which so vividly captures my favorite adventure I've ever been on: Journey Through the Ages," she said. “The best part is, it’s an adventure we’re still having together.”

Eras Tour movie highlights

Even if you don’t want to watch it all, the end credits are still worth watching. After the concert, Swift showed off a montage of "Long Live (Taylor's Version)" that was made up of videos of fans' experiences on the tour and, very importantly, onstage footage from various shows, which fans lovingly Call it the "bug tour."

Some viral glitches seen during the credits include Swift's bejeweled garter belt getting caught in her shirt during her April 13 performance in Tampa, and her "Willow" cape falling on top of her head during a dance performance .

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Another unforgettable moment in the film is when during a performance in Massachusetts on May 21, she had to keep wiping water off the piano due to heavy rain. As a result, the piano was damaged during the performance the next night. Broken. Swift clearly isn't afraid to laugh at herself.