Britney Spears details her restrictive diet while living in Las Vegas

Britney Spears takes drastic measures to perform in Las Vegas — and not always by choice. In her new memoir , The Woman In Me , the singer details the restrictive diet she followed during her four-year Las Vegas residency on Part of Me , which she claims was her Forced by father, former administrator Jamie Spears.

"No matter how much I dieted and exercised, my dad always told me I was fat," she wrote. "He put me on a strict diet."

Under her watch, Spears recalled that her team hired a butler, calling it a "luxury" and saying she would "ask him for real food," like burgers or ice cream. However, she claimed he would apologize and tell her, "I have strict orders from your father."

Spears' Strict Diet

Following a diet set by her father, Spears allegedly ate "almost exclusively chicken and canned vegetables" for more than two years, calling the experience "degrading."

Britney Spears performs at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on February 26, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dennis Trussello/BSLV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Two years is a long time to not be able to eat what you want, especially when the money everyone depends on to survive is your body, your job, and your soul," she wrote. “I’ve been asking for french fries for two years and being turned down.”

While the strict diet was "bad enough," Spears said the worst part of the ordeal was losing control of her body and diet. "It gets worse when someone takes away the food you want," she wrote.

"I felt like my body didn't belong to me anymore. I would go to the gym and when the trainer would tell me to do things with my body, I felt crazy and I felt cold inside. I was scared. I was really scared, to be honest. pain."

The effects of her strict diet

Earlier in the memoir, Spears said the body-shaming comments hurt even more when they came from her own family. "If I thought it was bad that the media was criticizing my body, it hurt my dad even more," she wrote.

"He told me repeatedly that I looked fat and that I had to do something about it."

Spears claimed that the diet ended up having the opposite effect of her father's intended, causing her to actually gain weight. "Even though I wasn't eating much, he made me feel ugly and like I wasn't good enough," she wrote.

Britney Spears attends the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

The experience reminded me of when she was younger and her body was analyzed and criticized by the public, sarcastically saying it was "unbelievable" that so many people had issues with her appearance.

"People seemed to view my body as public property: something they could police, control, criticize, or weaponize," she wrote.

"My body is strong enough to carry two kids and agile enough to execute every choreographed move flawlessly on stage. Now here I am, logging every calorie so people can continue to learn from my body Get rich."