Rihanna says becoming a mother makes her feel stronger

After a seven-year hiatus from live performances, Rihanna returned to the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show stage on Sunday, February 12, and surprised millions of viewers around the world by revealing that she was pregnant with her second child .

Ahead of her long-awaited performance, the beauty mogul held a press conference with Apple Music on February 9, where she was asked about work-life balance and welcoming her first child with A$AP Rocky After having kids, is she excited to perform on stage in 2022? "Things are very different," she said. "That balance is almost impossible because no matter how hard you try, work will always take away time from your children."

Rihanna further emphasized how important it is to take this into consideration every time you make a work-related decision. "This is the currency now, this is where it's going, how much it weighs. When you decide what you're going to accept, it has to be worth it."

The singer also opened up about how difficult it was to make the decision just months after giving birth. "I'm three months postpartum, should I make this decision now? I might regret it," she recalled. But being a mother also pushes her to take on huge challenges. She explained that when you become a mother, it feels like "you can take on the world, you can do anything."

Ultimately, Rihanna stressed that the show was a big step toward representation and that she wants her son to grow up in a world where black women are starring in major shows.