Beyoncé invites Blue Ivy Carter as surprise backup dancer

The Knowles-Carter family is private in many ways, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren't hiding their children's talents. Their eldest daughter, 11-year-old Blue Ivy Carter, has been proving herself to be an entertainer in the making over the years. The "Brown Skin Girl" featured artist already has a Grammy under her belt, and now she can call herself a guest performer on the Renaissance World Tour.

Carter made her Renaissance debut on Saturday, May 26, during her mother's performance at the Stade de France in Paris. Wearing a silver outfit that matched her mother's, she performed two songs: "My Power" and "My Power" with Queen Bey and her backup dancers. "Black Parade." It was a proud moment for fans and her family.

"I watched my beautiful grandson (11 years old) dance in front of almost 70,000 people last night!" her grandmother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, wrote on Instagram the next day Part. "She killed it and was cool as a cucumber!"

Knowles-Lawson, still in high spirits, later posted a second clip with a longer caption celebrating Blue's debut. The self-proclaimed "proud grandma" praised her granddaughter's courage, noting, "She danced with professional dancers, adults, and she choreographed intricate dances and moves that they rehearsed for months!" Noel Slawson stressed that Blue had "a little over a week" to learn and rehearse the dance, and praised her results. "She handles it so well! With such a smooth booty," she wrote, comparing the preteen to "the great Aaliyah."

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Meanwhile, many Knowles-Lawson followers and Beyoncé fans responded with equally enthusiastic responses. While some predict Blue is "definitely going to be a legend like her mom," others are already seeing her as a "star." Meanwhile, more people just "screamed like proud internet aunties!!!" as they watched the clip of Blue doing her thing.

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Blue's ability to hold her own on stage alongside her mom and professional backup dancers isn't just down to the genes she inherited from her talented parents. She started dancing years ago and even went viral when her grandma posted a video on Instagram in January 2021 of her appearing to be taking a dance class. Knowles-Lawson wrote that the video reminded her of Blue's Aunt Solange, who was her own age, dancing. Over 1 million likes.

As for Blue's music career, it started when she was just a baby. Beyoncé's 2013 song "Blue" featured her baby talk, and she later appeared in the music video. She subsequently appeared in the videos for 2016's Formation and 2019's Spirit, Bigger and "Brown Skin Girl" from the soundtrack The Lion King: The Gift .

The Renaissance Tour continues through September, so Blue Ivy may have more opportunities to show off her booty.