Twitter Cries 'Safe & Sound' Over Taylor Swift's 'Hunger Games' Songs 'Eyes Open' and 'Eyes Open'

The odds are in Swifty's favor. At midnight on March 17, to coincide with the start of her Eras tour, Taylor Swift released four new songs, including a re-recorded version of her "Taylor's version" of 2012's The Hunger Games soundtrack song "Safe & Sound." and "Eyes Open." The 12-time Grammy winner also released "If This Was A Movie (Taylor's Version)" and previously unreleased song "All of the Girls You Loved Before," originally for her 2019 album Lover Recorded. Of course, Twitter can't handle unexpected nostalgia.

"Safe & Sound" was released in late December 2011 as the theme song to "The Hunger Games," marking a new sound for Swift at the time that would eventually lead to her Grammy win for Folk Album of the Year nearly a decade later. Foreshadowing. . "Safe & Sound" features The Civil Wars, the former folk duo who disbanded following an acrimonious breakup in 2014. Swift managed to reunite members Joy Williams and John Paul White on her "Taylor Edition" recording, the first time they'd recorded together since their split, although they weren't credited as such Their former band name. "Safe & Sound" ultimately won the 2013 Grammy Award for Best Song for Visual Media.

When the movie was released three months later, "Eyes Wide Shut" from the "Hunger Games" soundtrack followed. The re-recording enhances the original's alt-rock feel, cranking up the guitar thump and drum thump to 11 degrees.

The timing of these "Taylor Edition" tracks is very convenient, as all four "Hunger Games" movies are currently streaming on Netflix until the end of March, which was an unannounced surprise. Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement after Swift announced that a "Taylor's version" of her "Hunger Games" song would be available within hours.

Fans also loved Swift's re-recording of "Safe and Sound," which reunited the Civil War band—even though the members were now named by their real names.

After the song was released at midnight, Swifties on Twitter were quick to share their thoughts, praising Swift's mature vocals and gorgeous harmonies with Williams and White.

If Swift can resolve the Civil War between the South and the South, maybe she can win the Hunger Games next.