Beyoncé responds to sound outage on her Renaissance tour by changing outfits

Beyoncé takes the intro to her Renaissance song "ALIEN SUPERSTAR" a little too seriously. The 32-time Grammy winner suffered a technical glitch during her Renaissance World Tour stop in Glendale, Arizona on August 24, and her voice completely disappeared during her performance. Of course, she handled it in the most Beyoncé way possible.

Ironically, the sound interruption occurred at a perfect time, during the intro of "Alien Superstar" and right after the speakers blared "The DJ booth is performing a troubleshooting test of the entire system." As can be seen in the fan video, Beyoncé is singing the next line of "I'm one of one" when all sound is cut off, causing gasps and laughter from the audience, who then scream the lyrics for her.

To their credit, Beyoncé and her dancers acted like nothing was wrong until told to stop, like true professionals. Twitter fan account @BeyLegion shared a photo of an empty stage and said: "Beyoncé and her dancers have left the stage."

The mechanic quickly fixed the problem, which took about ten minutes, while spectators stood nearby. However, Beyoncé used this time wisely. After the song resumed, Bay emerged from under the stage in a brand new costume, a metallic silver bodysuit with matching wings and silk cape. The Beyhive quickly took to Twitter to praise Bey's professionalism and turned the glitch into a fashion moment, while also taking the opportunity to make some jokes.

The singer experienced some breakdowns during her critically acclaimed Renaissance Tour, but she handled them all like a pro. During a performance in Germany in June, her longtime backup dancers, Les Twins, helped Bey adjust her outfit to avoid an on-stage wardrobe malfunction. She wasn't so lucky at a Chicago show in July, when a fan near her chrome piano didn't turn on during a performance of "1 + 1." Bey can be seen in the TikTok video trying to quietly get the staff's attention by pointing at a fan and then fanning herself. When that doesn't work, she loses all subtlety and just yells "turn on the fan" during breaks. Eventually, they listened.