Cardi B & Penn Badgley's Friendship Timeline Proves She's the Biggest You Stan

Joe Goldberg is everyone's favorite stalker, and Cardi B is no exception. The rapper has made no secret of being a big fan of the Netflix series You , in which Penn Badgley plays a charming but ruthless stalker and serial killer. But it turns out her fans actually owe it in part to Bagley's mutual affection and respect for her, too. When Cardi discovered the actor had praised her in an interview two years after his first comments, Cardi developed an immediate crush on him and struck up a long-lasting online friendship on Twitter. Maybe she was already a Gossip Girl fan before she had a crush on Joe?

It's unclear if the two ever met, but nearly two years later, their friendship remains a gift to her fans and especially her fans. The repercussions of their connection seep into the new season of You in a very unexpected way, and there may be even more Cardi on the show to come. If you love Pardi too, take a look back at the timeline of Cardi B and Penn Badgley's friendship.

January 2019: Penn praises Cardi B

During a 2019 interview to promote the first season of You , Badgley unexpectedly showed love to Cardi B, praising her for being outspoken on social media. "I really admire people who have this second-nature relationship with [social media]," he said. "Cardi B is a great example of that...even though a lot of people might think she's a little bit comical, I feel like she has an incredibly real connection to it and that's why people love her so much."

October 19, 2021: Cardi and Payne’s friendship blossoms

When the interview resurfaced in October 2021 and Cardi became aware of Bagley's comments, she couldn't help but channel her inner fangirl on Twitter. In fact, this was apparently the moment the rapper realized just how famous he was (despite already having four number one singles). "OOOMFFFFGGGGGG He knows me!!!" she wrote. "OMMMGGGG!!!!! Yo, it's like I'm famous." Bagley seemed shocked by her reaction, referencing Cardi's tweet and writing a simple "I--" Show emphasis.

After Bagley responded, Cardi decided to further expand her fandom, changing her Twitter profile picture to a creepy likeness of Joe. In return, Bagley temporarily changed his profile picture to a photo of blue-haired Cardi. Netflix’s Twitter account also got in on the fun, changing their Twitter bio to read: “Petition for Cardi B to guest star in Season 4 of U !” Fans listened and started a petition on, Give Cardi the role she deserves.

Two days later: Cardi came up with some ideas for her "You " character

From that point on, Cardi went all-in on figuring out how to turn the love event into a guest-starring role on "You." "So here's the first episode and I'm closing it down at Paris Fashion Week!" she wrote. "I turned around and you were standing there." She then asked Netflix to finish the story, and while the show's official writers have yet to oblige, Netflix's Twitter account responded with some very interesting ideas.

November 2021: Cady receives a package from Joe

A few weeks after their social media love-fest, Cardi B received a package from the You team, sending her a baseball cap that read "Hello You..." and one from Joe Goldberg himself. A personalized letter. "Hello stalking and killing may make me a certified freak seven days a week, but it also makes," the message read, capturing Bagley's character the sound of. "Cardi B, you have a knack for social media. You're meaningful. Substantive. I just love you. You're real and nuanced... just like your music. You keep me on my toes, at least. remaining people."

Cardi shared the gift on Twitter, but she did have some concerns considering it was given to her by Goldberg and she just moved to a new place. "How did Joe find my new home address?" she jokingly captioned the photo.

February 2023: Joe says “I like” you

Spoiler alert: Cardi B is not appearing in You Season 4 — at least not in person. But her voice can be heard during the season premiere, which begins streaming on Netflix on February 9. The rapper's hit song "I Like It," featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin, plays in one of the opening scenes as Joe chops down a corpse — you know, typical Joe Goldberg style. Despite the gruesome circumstances, Cardi was honored by the move and proudly announced that she would be reinstating Joe's threatening avatar on Twitter.

Showrunner Sera Gamble explained to Bustle why they chose to add "I Like" to the show, attributing it to the ongoing connection between the two. "I think we could contribute to that, just because we came up with a lot of different ideas, and I remember she and Penn had a lovely friendship on Twitter," Gamble said. "I say this with love and respect for this song, which is perfect for shredding the body."

However, this isn't just a consolation prize for Cardi. Gamble still plans to write Cady a role at some point, telling Buster, "She had proposed her place in the show, and I was like, OK, until we figure out how to make this happen. Yeah, at least we get to hear her voice on the show." Bagley also told Rolling Stone on February 10 that he'd like her to appear — but only if it feels right. "I want her to be in Season 4. But it has to work, you know?" he said. "How could she be anyone but Cardi B?" However, he seemed interested when the outlet suggested Cardi should end up being Joe's killer. "I have no objection," he said. Neither do we.