Watch Adele's Vanishing Show on 'The Spectacular' Vegas Show

After being forced to postpone a series of highly anticipated US shows earlier this year, Adele finally kicked off her rescheduled Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace on Friday, November 18. The Grammy winner performed some of her set, according to the BBC. The biggest hits on the famous Colosseum stage include her 2015 hit single "Hello," last year's "Easy On Me," "Set Fire To The Rain," "Someone Like You" and more.

"I'm nervous, I'm scared, but I'm happy," Adele told the Las Vegas crowd during her opening performance. "It can be a little shaky at times because my nerves are out of control." The singer's Caesars residency, which runs until March 2023, was an immediate hit with audiences and critics, according to Billboard 's Katie Atkinson described "Adele Weekend" as "breathtaking".

Critics also praised the show's many visual elements, one of which later went viral on social media after ticket holders shared the jaw-dropping moment online.

The moment occurred at the end of the show, after the singer performed the last song on her set list, "Love Is a Game." In the much-publicized video, a shower of pink confetti rains down on the hitmaker as she sings the last note of the song. However, Adele seemed to disappear along with the confetti - a clever trick on stage that left fans both surprised and confused.

"After watching Adele's show, I intuitively understood why she was postponing her residency. This was a set I wanted to experience. She literally disappeared into the confetti," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another user commented, "How amazing that Adele disappeared from her show into confetti."

As mentioned, the singer-songwriter previously decided to postpone a January 2022 Vegas show, which shocked many fans.

"I'm sorry, but my show isn't ready yet. We've done everything we can to put it together in time to make it good enough for you, but we've been completely devastated by delivery delays and lockdowns," Adele said at the time explained in a statement.

With the residency now in full swing, the BRIT Award winner also recently revealed some of her plans after leaving Las Vegas, revealing she hopes to "get a degree in English Literature" in 2025.