This Spotify feature creates a playlist of your friends’ favorite music

Creating playlists with friends is a special form of intimacy. Creating a mood between songs and making sure everyone has a favorite song to listen to together for any occasion is one way to stay close to your best friends. On Spotify, features like Blends make it easy to create playlists that suit everyone, and another feature called Friends Mix takes those blends to a whole new level.

Since August 2021, Blends has allowed Spotify users to combine their musical tastes with those of their friends. In 2022, the app is also adding additional features such as Blends with musical artists or fictional characters and 10-person Blends. There are plenty of ways to create playlists with your loved ones, and with Spotify Friends Mix you can even listen to playlists made based on your listening habits with all your Blends in one place. Here's information about Spotify Friends Mix and how to access your Spotify Friends Mix.

In order to get Friends Mix on your Spotify account, you must have at least three existing Two-Person Mixes. Once you meet this prerequisite, you'll see a new playlist called "Friends Mix" in the Made for You hub. The bundle is available to free and paid Spotify users on smartphones and desktops.

If you don't see it in the Made For You hub, just type "Friends Mix" into the Spotify search bar. You can then click on the playlist to find a list of songs based on your listening habits and the listening habits of everyone you interact with. Just like regular Blend, Friends Mix shows which songs come from which of your friends by adding their profile photos next to the songs. If more than two people are responsible for the song in your remix, you can click on the profile photo to see the full list of users who have listened to the song.

Friends Mix is ​​a great way to feel connected to your long-distance friends by listening to their favorite songs. Plus, here's a simple solution to help you figure out which playlists to play the next time you throw a party - no need to send a collaborative playlist link 30 minutes before the celebration because you know everyone is in your mix Content that everyone will like.