Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Finale "The Doors" and "The Doors" Use of Orange Could Hint at a New Album

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour celebrates all 10 of her studio albums, from 2006's self-titled debut to 2022's Midnights , with a massive three-hour show featuring 44 songs. But she might not stop there. Fans thought Swift hinted at her next album era when she performed "Karma" during the Eras tour finale, as she noticed some potential Easter eggs.

As Swift knows, all eras of Swift's albums are represented by one color, like 1989 's sky blue and "Lover" 's pink, as is the elevator button in the Bejeweled video, Swift The store sells bracelets and a "lover's house," which includes a room depicting each album. Early in the show, Swift showed the beloved house on screen before promptly burning it down with bright orange flames. But the most prominent hint comes at the end of the show.

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As Swift sang "Karma," her dancers wore sparkly jackets, all of which were different colors to symbolize the album's era — but that doesn't explain the orange jackets, since none of her albums used orange colorways plan. As Swift exited on the catwalk, the doors behind the stage opened, flashing a bright shade of orange before the entire stage went dark.

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Swift hinted at her next tour album before the audience went home. Purple confetti flew from the rafters during the Fearless Tour, which heralded her next album , Speak Now . The tradition continued during her 1989 world tour, when Swift used black and white confetti to hint at "Reputation," and for her "Reputation Stadium" tour, she donned a pastel dress that ultimately symbolized "Lover" . The use of orange may not be a coincidence.

Of course, considering that most of these moments took place during the performance of "Karma," and Swiftis connected them to her long-rumored lost album, "Karma ," they might make sense. In a scene from the 2020 video for "The Man," the word "Karma" is painted in orange graffiti alongside the previous album she will be re-recording. Fans believe Swift planned to use orange as the color scheme for the rumored abandoned album before recording "Reputation" and switching to black. If she's hinting at it now, maybe the mythical album is finally here.

If this theory makes sense, then Orange no longer represents the "Tyler version" of the album. Due to several Easter eggs in her Bejeweled video, fans assumed that "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) would be her next re-recorded release to be released, but "Speak Now" is dark purple in color , instead of orange. Since none of her era has featured an orange color scheme, be on the lookout for a brand new album.