All About Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" (Taylor's Version)

As always, diligent fans discovered the clues Taylor Swift provided them with. "Speak Now" (Taylor's Edition) is officially here, just as Swifties began to predict more than a year after "Red" (Taylor's Edition) debuted in November 2021. The 12-time Grammy winner announced that she would be re-releasing the album on her Nashville Times Tour on May 5, later teasing on social media that it would be coming soon and "just in time." A momentous day in Swift lore.

The 33-year-old singer reflected on the original 2010 album in a written statement. “I first made ‘Speak Now’ between the ages of 18 and 20 and wrote it entirely myself,” she wrote. "Songs from this period in my life are characterized by brutal honesty, unfiltered diary-like confessions and wild longing. I love this album because it tells a story of growing up, struggling, flying and crashing... And live to tell about it.”

Announcing the re-recording, she wrote to fans, "I have always considered this album my album, and the lump in my throat widens to a shaky voice when I say this. Thank you, dear reader." , it will finally happen." The singer added, "I think this music, and your belief in me, is the best thing I've ever had," and concluded, "Yours, Taylor. ”

When will the album be released and what else do you need to know? Here are all the details so far about "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) .

What is the release date for "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) ?

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Swift's statement revealed that "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) is only two months away: her updated album will be released on July 7, 12 years after the original's October 25, 2010 release Many years. I'm excited to announce that my version of Speak Now will be released on July 7th. ” Swift wrote, adding a cheeky “Just in time for July 9th, iykyk” alongside a grinning emoji.

Any collaborations on "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) ?

While re-recording "Fearless" and "Red" for "Taylor's Edition," Swift invited some of her favorite artists and songwriters to collaborate with her on her previously unheard "From the Vault" track, which the album also doesn't exception. Speak Now (Tyler's version) will feature two new collaborations with Fall Out Boy and Paramore's Hayley Williams, a close friend and one of her opening acts on the Eras tour.

Swift tweeted: “Since ‘Speak Now’ is all about my songwriting, I decided to go find the artists who I felt had the biggest influence on me as a lyricist at the time and ask them to sing on the album. "It's so cool and generous that they agreed to support my version of Speak Now ."

What is the tracklist for "Speak Now" (Taylor's Version) ?

Each "Taylor's Version" album comes with several "From the Vault" tracks, songs that Swift wrote while making the album but later chose to abandon it. The standard version of "Speak Now" has 14 tracks, and the deluxe version adds 3 additional tracks. Now, Swift's 2023 release will feature "six additional songs... released from the library," as she said in the announcement.

On June 5, Swift announced the tracklist for "Speak Now" (Taylor's Version) , which included the title of her new "Vault" song. The album contains a total of 22 tracks, with one former Speak Now deluxe bonus track, "If This Was A Movie", being moved to Fearless (Tyler's version) . Read the full "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) tracklist below.

  1. "Mine (Taylor's Version)"
  2. "Sparks Flying (Taylor's Version)"
  3. "Back to December (Taylor's Version)"
  4. "Speak Now (Taylor Version)"
  5. "Dear John (Taylor Version)"
  6. "Despicable (Taylor's Version)"
  7. "Our Story (Taylor's Version)"
  8. "Never Grow Up (Taylor's Version)"
  9. "Possessed (Taylor's Version)"
  10. "Better Than Revenge (Taylor Version)"
  11. "Innocent (Taylor's Version)"
  12. "Haunted (Taylor's Version)"
  13. "The Last Kiss (Taylor's Version)"
  14. "Long Live (Taylor's Version)"
  15. "Our (Tyler Version)"
  16. "Superman (Taylor's Version)"
  17. “Electric Touch (feat. Fall Out Boy) (Taylor Version) (from Vault)”
  18. "When Emma Falls in Love (Taylor Version) (from the Vault)"
  19. "I Can See You (Tyler Version) (From the Vault)"
  20. "Castle Down (feat. Hayley Williams) (Taylor Version) (from the Vault)"
  21. "The Silly One (Taylor Version) (From the Vault)"
  22. "Eternity (Taylor Version) (From the Vault)"

What is the July 9th reference in the Speak Now (Taylor Edition) announcement?

While July 9 isn't her actual release date, Swift gave the date a thumbs up. It's fitting that it comes from the Speak Now lyrics: On the poignant song "Last Kiss," she sings, "I do remember the smell of rain now / Fresh on the sidewalk, I ran off the plane / That July 9th , your beat heart/It skipped your shirt/I can still feel it on your arms.”