Ariana Grande's New Song "Yes And Then?" Is Coming

It's been three years since Ariana Grande released new solo music, and the wait is almost over. After releasing her seventh studio album in late December, Grande quickly gave fans even more to celebrate. She announced her first AG7 single "Yes, And?" on January 7, less than a week before her new song's January 12 release date.

Yes, please

In the final weeks of 2023, Grande is starting to get her fans ready for the 2024 event. She shared evidence of her in-studio Instagram carousel on Dec. 7, and then she posted another one on Dec. 27. She captioned the second photo simply, "See you next year," which showed more of her in the studio, her mother dancing, and what appeared to be promotional art. The biggest clue, however, was a video showing her relaxing on the couch, saying she was "so tired" after being asked about "pretty much the last day of this album."

Her "Yes, and?" surprise was equally understated. She took to social media again, this time sharing another photo of herself wearing red lipstick with the short caption: "Yes, then? ♡1.12." Her pre-order link clarified, "Yes, then ?" is one of the singles from her album, suggesting that the blurry image shot by Katya Temkin is the cover art.

Katia Temkin via Ariana Grande/Instagram

As expected, her announcement was exactly what Ariannatos had been waiting for. "Mom's back," one person wrote in the comments, with another adding, "She's right there!" Someone else responded: "You know we need 2024 to be full of magic."

yes more

Luckily for fans, Grande has an entire album's worth of music lined up for them. Details are still under wraps, but now that her first single is about to be released, her fans are ready for the AG7 era. "New Ariana music this Friday guys we really did it," one person tweeted after the single's release date was announced. Others used the hashtag "#AG7ISCOMING" to bid farewell to the era of position holding .

Grande's two film adaptations of the musical "Wicked" are also about to be released. She stars as Glinda opposite Cynthia Erivo's Elphaba, a project the two singer-actresses have been celebrating in different ways over the years. After being announced as movie stars in November 2021, their social media exchanges warmed fans' hearts, and most recently, they debuted Wicked- inspired tattoos in 2023. Expect them to promote the film ahead of Part 1 on November 11th. It will be released in theaters on the 27th.

Now, feel free to start counting down the days until "Yes, Then?" drops on January 12th.