Self-respecting Rebecca Lucy Taylor prioritizes happiness

Musician Rebecca Lucy Taylor, better known as "Ego", is adding another string to her beautiful multi-faceted bow. After a busy year that saw her second album Prioritise Pleasure receive a Mercury Prize nomination and a collaboration with Killing Eve alum Jodie Comer (Taylor scored her recent drama Prima Facie ) After the famous collaboration, the singer made a cameo in the dark comedy starring Billie Piper. I hate Suzy too . In the show, we see Piper's character, Susie Pickles, move forward professionally but privately go through a huge, life-changing breakup. As it happens, Taylor is also full of wisdom when it comes to overcoming heartbreak and putting herself first. But is the artist currently dating?

No, Taylor doesn't appear to be publicly dating anyone. In fact, Rebecca Lucy Taylor jokingly calls herself the "singles' clown" in her Instagram bio. While she's tongue-in-cheek, there's no doubt the musician is full of indispensable wisdom as she navigates the tricky minefield of dating.

As Taylor told the Guardian during a live Q&A at Glastonbury, Self-Esteem first took the form of an Instagram page, where the artist, then part of Sheffield indie pop duo Slow Club, would share poems, paintings and and other creative endeavors that don’t quite fit into the world of her band. After a big break-up, she left London and "got a job as a theater fairy" to make ends meet.

In 2021, her breakthrough album Prioritize Pleasure follows up her 2019 debut Compliments Please , an alternative pop record that became a standout of the year and was named Album of the Year by The Guardian . In addition to pushing back against sexism and patriarchy and offering lyrical gems, its creation also made Taylor reflect on her past relationships. "They are very emotionally abusive to you and you don't notice it's happening and then you feel like you're crazy," she said. "It's both insidious and terrifying."

Through the process of prioritizing happiness, she also begins to unravel many of the myths she was taught growing up and question why society values ​​certain types of relationships above all else. "The [relationships] I had in my teens and my twenties were very similar," she told Vogue . "I'm alone, I have nothing, I don't have anyone. Can't find a boyfriend. Can't find a girlfriend. I screw up every time," she said. "My heart is broken. It's horrible, the weight of a partner can never be that heavy for me anymore."

Today, Taylor says she's open to the idea of ​​a different, more relaxed approach to herself and her relationships, telling Grazia in September 2022 , " For most of my life, I felt like I was a ' problem', so it's okay to feel like a 'problem' I don't anymore. I was celebrated for who I was, not what the world tried to make me out to be: a lovable “good” woman; seen but not heard. All I do is smooth out my existence. "