Taylor Swift Reacts to Fans' 'Are You OK?' Signing a Song About Her Ex-Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift has a lot on her plate right now, but as she told fans during her Eras tour, she's keeping it going. During an April 15 show in Tampa, Swift responded to a fan who held a sign asking, "Are you okay?" She reportedly split from her long-time boyfriend Joe Alwyn. In a TikTok video, Swift is seen performing her 2017 hit "Delicate," which many believe is about her first secret date with Alwyn. When a fan sitting on the floor aimed their sign at the singer's eye, she turned to face the crowd. Swift gave a small thumbs up.

Fans have been concerned about Swift's performance following her breakup from the British actor, whom she dated for more than six years during her massive stadium tour. The TikTok user who posted the video wrote: "I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that there were people holding up 'Are you okay?' signs." Taylor responded with a [thumbs up]. Swift has yet to publicly respond to reports of her split from Alwyn, which is typical considering she rarely comments on her love life. If the pattern holds, this might be the closest the Swifties get to public comment.

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Earlier in the show, Swift gave her nod while sitting at a moss-covered piano before singing "The Champagne Question," explaining how the fans attending the show were crucial to her feeling good. "I really enjoyed this trip," she said. "It's become my whole personality, I've always loved performing, I've always loved that connection... to know that you guys feel the same way... I need you so much for my happiness."

It's unclear when Swift and Alwyn reportedly broke up, but on April 8, Entertainment Tonight reported that the split happened "a few weeks ago." The rumors first spread when Swift noted that Alwyn has yet to attend any of Swift's shows since the tour kicked off on March 17. Fans believe the singer secretly hinted at the breakup by switching to the ballad "Invisible Chords" during a March 31 show in Arlington. ", which is about their relationship, "the 1" is about catching up with an ex-lover. She has yet to bring the song back on tour, though there are still more than 40 shows left before the U.S. leg wraps up in August, so you There's never any telling what Swift will do next.