Fans have a lot of affection for Clay's parents on Love Is a Blind Wedding

Amber Desiree "AD" Smith and Clay Gravesande's journey to the altar in Love Is Blind Season 6 didn't end with an "I do," but it did lead to a heart-wrenching relationship between Clay's parents, Margarita and Trevor. A surprisingly candid conversation that some fans thought was a surprisingly candid conversation. Known as the best love is ever blind moment.

To recap, AD and Clay had a strong connection from the beginning, but things got rocky after he opened up about where his insecurities about a committed relationship came from.

Clay told AD in episode seven that infidelity was "everyday occurrence" for his father, adding that he would even accompany his father on "infidelity journeys" without his mother knowing anything about it. "So for me, the concept of a girl — I was always afraid of, like, can I just be with one person ?" he said.

His doubts continued in future conversations, culminating in a heart-to-heart talk between Clay and his father before the wedding. "I looked up to my dad and I liked his smoothness. So I found the good qualities in my dad and I wanted to be like my dad," he said in a confessional during the finale, which aired on March 6. "But I don't know that I took some of his shortcomings for granted. Brilliantly."

a difficult decision

Eventually, AD was ready to get married, but Clay didn't say "I do," explaining that he still had to "work hard" on himself and that getting married would be irresponsible.


For longtime viewers of Love Is Blind , the breakup at the altar comes as no surprise. But what makes Clay and the Aftermath of AD so compelling is that the show follows Clay's mom, Margarita, who accuses Trevor of past infidelities, and how it still affects her years later their son.

"Kids, when they grow up and they see things like... is marriage real? Or is marriage something you lie and cheat after you get in? His decision brought a lot of things to the altar," Malia said. Greta told her ex-husband of 23 years.

Margarita holds Trevor's hand as he tearfully admits that he didn't have "the best role models" growing up. "Just because we come from broken homes, that doesn't mean we have to pass that brokenness on to our children."

Coping with intergenerational trauma

Trevor agrees it's important to "stop the cycle" and says he hopes Clay meets someone like Margarita. "Yeah, but you met me - but you didn't treat me well. Okay? So, we won't talk about this anymore," she replied.

Fans on X (formerly Twitter) were moved by the frank, devastating conversation, with some calling it "the best part of the season."


"His mom is amazing and it sucks that she has to relive this hurt again on TV like this," one user wrote. Another expressed their hope, "Clay and his parents received much-needed treatment."

"Clay's parents' conversation was so vulnerable, raw and touching," one fan said. "Healing generational patterns is very difficult, and these are necessary conversations to begin that process."