Gerry's exes Kathy and Gerry Susan steal the show on golden wedding

The Golden Wedding may have been all about Gerry Turner and Theresa Nestor, but the groom's exes, Kathy Swartz and Susan Knowles, stole the show.

Former Bachelor contestants all had a big role in the televised ceremony on Jan. 4, with Kathy Swarts joining The Bachelorette 's Charity Lawson as Golden Carpet Reporter.

Kathy's involvement in the wedding certainly raised eyebrows as she feuded with the bride during the season, memorably telling Teresa to "zip it up."

Kathy Swarts and Charity Lawson in 2024 Disney/Eric McCandless

However, the pair appear to have reconciled since filming wrapped, with Kathy actually grabbing the wedding bouquet at the end of the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Susan served as the golden wedding officiant, joking during the ceremony: "Gerry and I met each other as I stepped out of the limo, screaming, 'Gerry, I'm going to marry you!'" Turns out I is right. "

"How amazing is Susan?"

Kathy and Susan's attendance at the ceremony was a highlight for many Bachelor fans, who took to social media to praise their role in the festivities.

"Kathy catching the bouquet on her elbow is the least surprising thing about this episode," one fan joked on X (formerly Twitter). "Kathy is ready to put her hands on the bouquet," another commented.

Audiences also raved about Susan's role in the ceremony. "How great would Susan be as a wedding officiant?" one fan pointed out, while another called out Susan for hosting a potential Bachelor in Paradise show , writing: "Give this woman her show!"

Susan Knowles, Theresa Nestor and Gerry Turner Disney/Eric McCandless

Meanwhile, others had plenty to say about Kathy attending Gerry and Teresa's big day.

"Kathy was at this wedding last month when she left Teresa lying on the stairs crying," one viewer joked. Another wrote: "Ms. 'Zip-it' (aka Kathy) looked stunning tonight."

surprise engagement

Kathy and Susan weren't the only ones to steal Gerry and Teresa's spotlight, Braden Powers and Christina Mandrell got engaged during the live Golden Wedding.

"For the first time in my life, I feel like I've found someone I can unapologetically be myself with," Powers said during the proposal, which Mandrell happily accepted.