Bridgerton fans predict who will accompany Penelope on the red carpet in season 3

Colin and Penelope's Bridgerton wedding will undoubtedly be the most anticipated wedding of the year ( after The Golden Wedding, certainly). Fans have been eagerly anticipating #Polin's love story since their friends-to-lovers romance was first revealed in Season 1. Now that season three is almost here, it's time to speculate on what their big day might look like, and specifically, who will walk Penelope down the aisle.

Her father died in season one, leaving him unable to take on his traditional role, and new character Lord Featherington was sent away at the end of season two.

In a recent Reddit post, u/izzye2006 posed the question and offered a few possibilities: Penelope's mom Portia, or her soon-to-be brother-in-law Anthony, as he is in the Bridgerton books " Very protective of her”.

The brother she never had

Some users admitted that it might have made sense for Anthony to walk Penelope down the aisle if previous seasons had followed the books more closely. In "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton" (spoilers ahead), Anthony offered to give Penelope a ride home after she overheard Colin saying he would never marry her, which provided some comfort in a very awkward moment.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

When everyone discovers that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, Anthony is the first to celebrate her. So if Bridgerton wants to go this route, there are definitely a few brotherly moments to draw from.

Good times at Featherington

However, more users ended up rooting for Portia Featherington to walk her daughters down the aisle, especially after she fiercely stood up for them at the end of season two. She walked the red carpet with real pride,” one Reddit user wrote.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Another fan said: "Portia would push a man down the stairs and let someone else take the moment of victory away from her." Really.

#PaulineWedding from the bridgerton books

Now would be a good time to check out Colin and Penelope's Bridgerton books to see what happened there, but it turns out their wedding didn't include any such details. Readers learn that the wedding was "magical," albeit "a trivial event that greatly depressed London society."

The book has good reason to whitewash the wedding, as much of Colin and Penelope's story revolves around the discovery of Penn's alter ego. But the Netflix series revealed Mrs. Whistledown's secret identity earlier (to viewers, anyway), so maybe there'll be more room for a beautiful #Polin wedding.