What is the squib in Harry Potter?

The Wizarding World has many phrases, titles, and concepts to remember. One of them is how Harry Potter views Squibs, but what are Squibs and what is their role in society?

In the ordinary world, there is another world that ordinary people don't know about. The Harry Potter series creates a magical fantasy world called the Wizarding World, where male and female wizards can cast spells, attend wizarding schools, and fight against great evil.

With the exception of wizards, boring humans are called muggles. Throughout the series, Muggles are viewed by wizards as pests or inferior to them. But there is another group of people in Harry Potter called "Squibs" who are also despised.

but why? What makes wizards hate Squibs so much? Let's take a look.

What is the Squib in Harry Potter?

A Squib is a person born into a wizarding family, with at least one wizard parent, but without magical powers or abilities.

Even the wizarding world has its outcasts. Likewise, pureblood wizards hate Muggles and they hate Squibs. According to the Harry Potter wiki, a Squib is a person who is born without magical abilities, despite coming from one or two wizarding parents. This is usually rare, but the few who are born this way are born to be hated by others.

Unlike Muggles, they are still part of the wizarding world and know everything about it. The only problem is that they can't practice magic. In Harry Potter, parents look for the earliest signs of their children's magical abilities to make sure they aren't squibs.

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This happened to Neville Longbottom because he was a late bloomer of magic. Squibs are often looked down upon, and even the Ministry of Magic does not record their births. In many cases, Squibs were forced to live a Muggle life to avoid being laughed at by wizards.

Fans may recall that the Weasley family once talked about a family member who was a Squib as a child and later immigrated to the Muggle world and became an accountant. But even their description of them is unsatisfactory.

According to the Harry Potter Fan Wiki, it is believed that Muggle-born wizards originated from Squibs who married Muggles. Magical traits are still passed down to the children, and some are able to use magic.


There are some famous Squibs in Harry Potter, such as Arabella Figg, Argus Filch, Marius Black and the Thurkel brothers.

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