Theresa Nistel's family attends golden wedding party

When Gerry Turner and Theresa Nestor announced their engagement on " The Bachelor ," they were just over a month away from their live wedding . Luckily, a member of Theresa's family helped make the planning process a breeze.

Teresa calls her daughter Jen her "savior," telling People magazine , "A lot of decisions had to be made, and in some cases she was going to put together a vision board for me or she was going to get the dress and the veil. Ideas and Rings.”

By mid-December, Jen said, "there were very few decisions left to make." "Honestly, I don't know if there would have been a wedding if she hadn't been a part of it," Teresa said.

golden wedding party

Therefore, it was only fitting that Theresa chose Jean as her maid of honor. Their wedding date is January 4, which also happens to be Jen's birthday, but Teresa insists her only daughter is "in disbelief" about sharing the special day.

“This was the biggest gift to her,” Teresa said of Jean, who works as a marketing and promotions manager in New Jersey. "She fell in love with Gerry."

Jen wrote on Instagram: "I can't wait to support my best girl like she did for me... You are going to be an incredible bride and I can't wait to see it in person."

Disney/Eric McCandless

Meanwhile, Gerry's daughters Jenny and Angie will serve as Teresa's bridesmaids, while her daughter-in-law Amanda and his granddaughters Peyton and Charlie will serve as her junior bridesmaids. Teresa also previously revealed that her sisters Charlotte and Mary will be her "flower girls," joking, "They're older. They should be excited about it." (She also has a brother, named (named Vinny)

Teresa is also the mother of a son, Tommy, who owns a boat rental company in South Carolina, and six grandchildren - Brandon, Braxton, Brody, Dempsey, Henry and Leigh O--They'll all be involved in the Palm Springs project, as will California Ceremony. Tommy will be walking her down the aisle, and she has chosen 6-year-old Henry (who fans met during his time on Bachelor King's Hometown ) as the ring bearer. The remaining boys will serve as junior groomsmen.

'Everyone will be involved'


Also standing on Gerry's side will be his best man and son-in-law, Rob, and Teresa's son-in-law, Matt, who will serve as best man.

"Every member of our family was involved in the wedding party. No one was left out," Theresa told Entertainment Weekly. "It's going to be a big wedding party. I have six grandchildren. We have several men in our lives. We have women in our lives. Everybody is going to be involved."