Ben Affleck & Olivia Colman to star in Barbie dolls

Details of Ben Affleck and Olivia Colman's canceled Barbie roles have been revealed.

Helen Mirren, who narrates the film, recently told Variety that Colman will star opposite her as Barbie's second narrator.

"It was a really funny scene where Olivia Colman got a little drunk and we had a conflict about who was the real dame of British actresses," she told the outlet. “She came in and tried to take over the role of narrator, and I had to fight her off.”

Coleman's cameo ended up on the cutting room floor, as did a cameo from another Oscar-winning actor.

During a February 15 episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, actor Michael Cera, who plays Ellen, revealed that Ben Affleck should also star.

Speaking about his fight scene in the movie with Kensi the Builder, Serra revealed that he "wasn't even supposed to be fighting in the movie," adding, "It should have been Ben Affleck. Can I say that?"

According to Cera, while "Ben wanted to do it," he backed out at the last minute due to a previous commitment to star in the 2023 sports drama Air .

Michael Cera in Barbie . Warner Bros./"Barbie"

Other canceled cameos

Barbie's casting director Allison Jones previously told Vanity Fair that Ben Platt, Bowen Young and Dan Levy had been cast as Ken in the film, but scheduling conflicts hampered the process.

"We Go" star Matt Bomer also auditioned remotely for "Barbie," but ultimately passed on the project. "I recorded the song myself, playing a bunch of different Kens," he told Vanity Fair . “I dressed them all in different outfits.”

Last summer, the film's director, Greta Gerwig, revealed to Cinemablend that she had created "Ladybird" and "Little Women" stars Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. Special Guest" script, but their busy schedules didn't allow for it.