On Joey's Bachelor Season, episode schedule changes in Week 4

Bachelor Monday makes the first day of the week more manageable. They're part of a familiar pattern that ensures you can always rely on two hours of love (and drama) to set the right tone for the rest of your week.

While this rhythm may be reliable, it can switch up and down from time to time. For example, Joey Graziadei's Bachelor course plans briefly changed near the midpoint. (Yes, somehow his rose-filled journey has come so far. Time passes differently in Bachelor Nation!)

Bachelor's Bonus

Fortunately, this isn't a schedule change that's going to throw you into trouble. Instead, the opposite will be true and Bachelor viewers will get to see two episodes instead of one. Futon Critic reports that episode 4 of the show will air on February 12 as normal, and episode 5 will air on February 13 – just 24 hours later.

Why is The Bachelor Season 28 schedule changing? The network didn't announce the reason for the extra episodes, but it means the number of "The Bachelor" shows will be doubled for Valentine's Day. That feels...right?

Disney/John Fleno

Looking ahead, Futon Critic reports that the remaining episodes of the season will now air as usual: every Monday until April 8. It's worth noting that recent seasons of The Bachelor have also had weeks where two episodes aired; however, these "bi-weekly weeks" typically air around Women Tell All rather than earlier in the season.

Audiences love Joey

Given the success of Joey's season so far, viewers will likely be happy to tune into Tuesday's extra slot. According to Deadline , viewership for Joey's premiere episode doubled in the week following January 22, boosting The Bachelor's box office results and attracting new fans to the series.

Disney/John Fleno

About that ending...

Another reason for Joey's impressive Bachelor numbers could be — at least in part — the flash-forward that aired during the season premiere. "ICYMI," the episode begins with a long video of Joey standing on a beach in Tulum, Mexico, crying as someone drives off in an SUV. He appears to be proposing as the camera focuses on the last lone rose.

The mysterious events that take place in this segment make Joey's season an even more exciting mystery. "It's an ending that I didn't expect. I think it's going to be an ending that no one expected," Joy recently told Extra.

The Season 28 star similarly told Decider that his conclusion was "something that has never happened before," but clarified that he was "pleased with the whole experience."