Twilight TV series: Everything we know about the new animated show

The Twilight Saga is returning to our screens in television form. Here's everything we know about the Twilight TV series so far.

The Twilight saga has been a juggernaut of pop culture for the past two decades. Although the Twilight series was derided upon its release, it is now looked back on, for better or worse, generally with fondness.

But the affection is now apparently strong enough to spawn a new TV series set in the Twilight universe. Believe it or not, it's going to be animated, which is pretty cool.

The news came as a shock to fans, both good and bad. Here's everything we know about The Twilight Saga TV series so far, including any potential casting or release date information.

Twilight TV Series Release Date: Is there a release date?

As of this writing, the Twilight TV series currently does not have a release date. The show is in the early stages of development , so it won't be released until late 2025 at the earliest.


Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the show is still in its infancy and "does not yet have a network/platform," as Lionsgate "controls the franchise and plans to lead development of the project before purchasing the franchise." pack. There is currently no timetable for when the Twilight series will be available to potential buyers. "

After animation, we not only have to consider the writing and recording of lines, but also the complexity of the animation work. We expect it will be at least a year before we get any footage from the show.

The Twilight Saga TV Cast: Who's Producing the Show?

As of now, the cast of the series has not yet been confirmed. We wouldn't expect the likes of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to reprise their roles, even just for voiceover work.

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The pair have been very busy lately, with Stewart excelling in quirky dramas like "Bleeding Life." Pattinson also has Batman 2 commitments, so barring anything unexpected, he won't have time to play Edward Cullen again.

Sinead Daly, whose previous credits include Tell Me Lies, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Raised by Wolves and The Get Down, will pen the script. Original author Stephanie Meyer is also expected to be involved.


Producer Vic Godfrey and former Lionsgate co-president Eric Feige - both of whom previously worked on The Twilight Saga - will serve as executive producers on the series people.

Twilight TV series plot: What will the show be about?

There is currently no confirmed plot for the Twilight series, so all we know is that it will be animated. Whether we'll get a new story, or a remake of the original film, remains to be seen.


In 2017, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer declared of the Twilight and Hunger Games franchises, “There are so many more stories to tell, and when our creators When we’re ready to tell those stories, we’re ready to tell them.”

Of course, The Hunger Games had a prequel movie last year. So perhaps the series could be based on Meyer's most recent work, Midnight Sun, and follow the earlier entries in the Twilight series from Edward's perspective.

Still, there are plenty of vampires with interesting backstories, so maybe the franchise will take the story to new places. Or, like the upcoming Harry Potter TV series, it could just be another remake.

Twilight TV Series Trailer: Is there a trailer?

Since the project is still in its early stages, there's no footage from the series yet.

Now, check out the film series' best scenes below:

Where can I watch the Twilight movies?

American viewers can watch the "Twilight" movie on the streaming platform Peacock. Having said that, these movies are also available to watch on other platforms in other countries, such as Netflix.

If you don't have access to Peacock, you can also watch The Twilight Saga movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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This is what we know so far about the new Twilight TV series. Until more details emerge, why not delve into more vampire content and learn about the MCU Blade movie. If you like love stories, check out our lists of the best romantic movies and the best romantic comedies.