Phaedra Parks' 12 Most Memorable Moments from 'Traitors' Season 2

As soon as the cast of Renegades Season 2 was announced, fans were eagerly anticipating a thrilling game that will bring together everyone from The Bachelor and Big Brother greats to an awesome delegation of Bravo stars, Come together to perform a murder mystery in the Scottish Highlands. Yet even in such quotable company, Phaedra Parks makes a lasting impression.

The Medical Marriage and Real Housewives of Atlanta star immediately announced her plans to become the "Queen of the Castle" after being deemed a traitor. She fully lives up to her name, engaging with believers in a way she describes as "listening, taking notes, agreeing."

Phaedra's bouncy vocals and feigned nonchalance do a good job of hiding that she's actually a traitor. It's unclear how long she'll be able to fly under the radar—as the castle's population dwindles, suspicion grows—but for now, let's take a look back at some of Phaedra's best quotes and moments against the traitor so far. Mild spoilers for episode 7 ahead.

"This isn't The Bachelor. I don't have to kiss your ass for a rose."

This look at Peter Weber in the Renegades season 2 trailer exemplifies Phaedra's uncanny ability to say something sharp and funny without blinking an eye .

Euan Cherry/Peacock

Her actor introduction

In the first episode, Phaedra talks about her fellow Castle dwellers with Chris "CT" Tamburello, saying Johnny Bananas has a " repo guy feel" and explaining Larsa to CT Pippen's tea date with Marcus Jordan after his divorce from Scottie Pippen. "That's Michael Jordan's son! Wake up and smell the coffee, kid."

"I actually care about a lot of these people. But they have to die."

Phaedra captured the spirit of the traitor , and viewers saw her comforting Larsa after Marcus was eliminated - and the camera cut to her confessional, where she explained that she wasn't actually haunted by the fictional murder.

"Oh my God. Sweet baby Jesus. Not Ekin Sue. Lord, not Ekin Sue."

Phaedra was horrified by the traitor Parvati Shalo's decision to murder Akin-su Kurkoluoglu, which she made clear in a passionate lament that became a classic moment in traitor lore.


Take Parvati on a mission

In this episode, Phaedra confronts Parvati at the roundtable for questioning her. "That's not cool," she scolded in the traitor's turret, telling Parvati to play fair or piss off the housewives.

This moment marks a major turning point in Phaedra's gameplay—or at least how it's perceived by her fellow traitors. While she may play nice with the faithful to prove she's not a threat, Bravo viewers know she also has a big upside.

"Poached eggs?"

Every time I watch "Traitor" I crave a delicious breakfast. So when Phaedra hunts for hard-boiled eggs and enjoys a piece of breakfast meat while the cast discusses last night's murder, it's deeply relatable — and a smart way to keep a low profile.


"Not my Bergalious!"

Phaedra's fondness for actor Carsten "Burge" Bergeson soon led to another iconic traitor moment. Dan tries to use this to prove that Phaedra is "extra" and therefore a traitor (more on that later), but it backfires. As Kate Chastain said, "'Not my Bergalicious' is a problem for you?"

"Get your suit ready - because if you play like this, I'm going to embalm you myself."

As Castle becomes increasingly wary of Dan's sluggish gameplay, Phaedra sends a warning to her fellow traitors - giving her undertaker work a nod in the process.

cross the river

The river-crossing scene in Season 2's catapult mission was cinematic, between rushing water and frantic handheld cameras capturing players tripping over each other for their shields. But the part I have to keep replaying is when CT and Phaedra help each other across the rough water and then hold hands once they reach the other side.

Phaedra's willingness to be vulnerable and make friends may be her greatest strength as a traitor.


“I do too much because you do too little.”

The next time someone tells you you've gone too far, like Dan did to Phaedra during the episode six roundtable, you can borrow this phrase from Shakespeare.

Phaedra's ability to remain cool, cool, and collected in the face of (correct) accusations of being a traitor saved her from deportation. She also told Dan, "If there's a mastermind, it's not going to be a dolled-up housewife, baby." Deflection skills!

Fireside Emotions

As skilled as Phaedra is, her emotional moment in episode seven is one of her best this season. During a torch-lit event in which several members were granted the ability to escape the control of the traitors, Shelly Whitfield chose to help Phaedra, who was moved to tears. Then Phaedra did the same thing for her friend CT! Why is a show about betrayal so endearing?

"Soften your heart."

In episode seven, after the traitors narrowly escape the banishment ceremony, Phaedra gives Parvati some stern advice in the turret, telling her fellow traitors that she needs to stop acting like "ice" in front of " mean girls " Princess" Parvati's calculating gaze left a lasting impression. "You have to be cuter," she said. "Soften your heart."

As one viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter), Phaedra "keeps bringing us gold."