Amy & Johnny from 'Love Is Blind' Have a Special Date Fans Didn't See

Some Love Is Blind couples are forged in drama, but others take a decidedly simpler approach to (hopefully) saying "I do." Amy Olenska and Johnny McIntyre fall into the latter camp, quickly forming a strong bond within the group and getting engaged before any other couple in season six.

The two bonded over travel and family. After becoming each other's "best friends," it's no surprise that Johnny proposed to Amy in the second episode, expressing his desire to "laugh" by Amy's side when he turned 90.

The physical attraction is also evident when they first meet outside the pod. "Literally everything happens for a reason," Johnny said. "You're my reason," Amy responded in kind.

So while their respective companions are still going through it all, the couple can relax and look forward to their romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic — and as Johnny tells Bustle, not every moment of the trip will be there in 2 In the episode aired on the 14th.

their unaired spa day


Johnny recalled their first date in the Dominican Republic, where he and Amy got pedicures. "It was the first time someone touched my feet and I couldn't help but laugh. It was one of the funniest, craziest experiences ever," he said. "I haven't had a manicure since, but I definitely want to do it."

Considering Johnny and Amy had fun comparing toenails in episode six, it sounds like this is the right date to cement their relationship. "I think my feet are cool," Johnny said. "They're also a little furry, which I think adds character."

"I feel like we're just awkward in our own ways, but we complement each other," Amy told the camera. "I feel like we're slowly becoming one. In just a day and a half, we're already... two peas in a pod."


Like Johnny, Amy tells Bustle that there's more to Love Blind than meets the eye in Season 6.

"There's a lot of fun, beautiful things that happen in the pods that aren't shown, but I feel like those are definitely the highlights," she said, adding that "friendship is everything" this season.