Griselda Blanco's surviving son speaks out against Netflix series

Netflix's Griselda may come from the team that made Narcos and Narcos: Mexico , but it stands out in a few key ways. The series follows a notorious drug lord who was not only a woman but also the mother of four young sons during the rise of Miami's cocaine empire in the 1970s and '80s.

This was partly what attracted Sofía Vergara to join the series, where she stars and serves as executive producer. "I'm Colombian. I'm a mother. I'm an immigrant. I'm fascinated because I grew up in Colombia in this era and I had never heard of a woman being the leader of a drug cartel," she told Today Evening Entertainment" .

Not surprisingly, Blanco's four sons - Dixon, Osvaldo, Uber and Michael Corleone - were all affected by their mother's life of crime.

How Griselda's children were affected

In Griselda's final episode , Blanco learns that her three oldest sons, Dixon, Osvaldo, and Uber, have been killed. Netflix has clarified that while the limited series is a fictional drama, their fates are real. The Washington Post reported on the murder of 25-year-old Osvaldo in a nightclub.

The outlet also noted that he and Dixon had been in jail together on drug charges. In 2020, her youngest son Michael gave an interview to the Mirror , which reported that all three of Blanco's brothers were murdered.

Elizabeth Morris/Netflix

Michael told The Mirror that he lived as a "teenage transsexual" and eventually served probation for drug charges, which was documented on the VH1 reality show Cartel Crew . The series, which aired from 2019 to 2021, follows Michael as he copes with childhood trauma and hopes for the future.

Michael told The Mirror that the death of his mother in 2012 made him realize it was time to "remove any generational curse". "Even now, I have tears in my eyes because I was with my kids when I got the call," he said. "I was teaching my youngest child how to swim. "I said, 'I'm not going to let these kids live the life I did. '"

'Disappointing' development

Michael told the Mirror he "will always remain humble and apologetic" about the war on drugs. Meanwhile, his Instagram bio describes him as the "proud son" of Griselda Blanco, who recently wrote the book My Mother, Godmother and Michael Corleone My Mother, The Godmother, and the True Story of Michael Corleone Blanco .

He also filed a lawsuit against the streamer and Latin World Entertainment (Vergara's production company) over the new Netflix series, Entertainment Tonight reported. In a statement provided to the outlet, Michael claimed the defendant approached him "to gain access to his work, perspective and insight, yet he turned around and acted as if he did not exist, apparently for his own benefit."

The statement said it was "disappointing" that Griselda allegedly used Michael's work and "non-public details of his mother's wife" without permission.