All the details of Gerry & Theresa's Golden Wedding Reception

It's no surprise that Gerry Turner and Theresa Nestor's golden wedding was filled with many tear-jerking moments: from their children's speeches to their exchange of handwritten vows. But the most fun part of any wedding is certainly the reception, and since it's an in-person event, we don't get to experience the full scope of the "I do" celebrations that go along with it.

For example, as Entertainment Weekly shared, the couple served custom cocktails that perfectly reflected their prime bachelorette journey: "Becoming Mrs.," "The Birthday Suit," "The Final Rose," and "The Last A Light” is a nod to their dangerous driving on their first date.

Luckily, after the event, the rest of the bash made its way to social media. Wondering what you're missing? Here's a recap of Gerry and Teresa's golden wedding reception.

Their branded wedding cakes

According to a video shared by the show on social media, Gerry and Teresa prepared a golden wedding cake for their golden wedding . While a metallic theme was a natural choice for the couple's big day, they didn't necessarily see eye to eye when it came to dessert.

"The main difference between us is that I stay away from sugar and he loves sugar," Teresa recently told Bustle. Luckily, there's room for compromise - including a small cake that's "just for girls."


Golden ladies thrive

If you're single, a wedding can be a great place to mingle, and a golden wedding is no exception. Edith Aguirre, one of the Gerry's Season alums, told Entertainment Weekly that she's "ready to date" and is looking for options. "Even if I can't find anyone, I'll bring a server or a bartender. I don't care!"

The outlet's reporter Kristen Baldwin also shared a video of the Golden Girls on the dance floor singing along to Bruno Mars' "Marry You" , while ABC released a video of Teresa dancing to Tina Turner's "The Best" in a wedding dress.

More musical fun

Gerry and Teresa had a great time jamming with the guitarist, and the entire crowd sang along with the band as they sang "Sweet Caroline," according to the show's Instagram Story.


Bachelor Nation Assembly

Of course, the prime crowd was front and center, but many other members of Bachelor Nation also attended the fun event.


A photo shared by ABC shows several seasons of Bachelor Nation history — including Zach Schaalcross and Katie Big, Charity Lawson and Dodon Olubeko , Christina Mandrell and Brayden Powers (who got engaged earlier that night!), Joey Graziardi and Kaitlyn Bristow.

If you're just curious about the food situation (it's always the same!) Kaity has the scoop on her Instagram.


Caprese salad, filet mignon, Alaskan halibut and eggplant Parmesan were all on the menu for Gerry and Theresa's dinner reception.