The Bachelor's Joey Opens Up About His Gilbert Syndrome Diagnosis

Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor has generated countless memes, but also prompted more concerning comments, with some viewers wondering if his eyes looked unusually yellow in one-on-one close-ups. Some fans on X (formerly Twitter) even said he should get his liver checked.

Fortunately, he's working on it. Joey first addressed the speculation in an interview with Us Weekly on February 23, telling the magazine that there was indeed "something" behind the discoloration. "I'll actually probably post a video later that goes into more detail about this and I can provide more insight," he said at the time.

True to his words, he made his views known in a TikTok video a week later.

high school diagnosis

Joey explained that about a week and a half after getting sick in high school, he went to the doctor and a blood test showed a high bilirubin count. "That means there might be something wrong with my liver," he said.

During the course of ultrasounds and visits to other doctors, Joy learned that "there wasn't necessarily anything wrong," such as hepatitis. However, he was diagnosed with Gilbert Syndrome. "Eventually, I was told I was healthy," he said. "It does affect the whites of my eyes. It gives it a jaundiced level, which is why they look a little more yellow."


While the situation itself has been described as "relatively benign" (more on that later), Joey said he does want to focus more on the issue in 2024. "I want to get back healthy and make sure I'm OK. "

Bachelors played a role

Although Joey has suffered from Gilbert's Syndrome since he was a teenager, he admitted that being on "The Bachelor" may have exacerbated its effects. "It's just something I have to be careful about, drink more water," he said. "It's worse when I'm stressed or sleep-deprived, like what happens on the TV show."

Disney/Jane Theis

Joey also thanked fans for their concern. "As far as I know, I've done my best and I'll continue to monitor the matter."

What is Gilbert syndrome?

According to the National Library of Medicine, Gilbert syndrome is usually diagnosed during adolescence. As Joy said, stress and dehydration, among other factors, can cause an episode of hyperbilirubinemia, or elevated levels of unconjugated (toxic) bilirubin in the blood.

Thirty percent of people with Gilbert syndrome have no signs or symptoms, but it may affect up to 7% of Americans.