An injury upends Joey's fantasy suite. Here’s the Bachelor Week 9 recap

When Joey Graziadei's Bachelor Fantasy Suites kicked off in Tulum, Season 28's main character was nervous. "I don't feel right," he said at the beginning of the March 11 episode. "I know I have the best intentions, I know I'm honest in all of this, I know I have a good heart and I have a lot to give. I really hope someone can take that from me , and I hope to get something in return.”

Joey noted that the fateful week reminded him of last season's Bachelorette, Charity Lawson's sleepover date. "She didn't choose me, and that devastated me."

Going into the penultimate round of dates, Joey said he wanted to let go, and by the end of the episode, he seemed to have done just that (but not without complications). Here's a recap of Joey's Bachelor fantasy suite dating Rachel Nance, Kelsey Anderson, and Daisy Kent.

medical emergency

Rachel decided to do so after "Bachelor" star Susan Knowles encouraged her to share her feelings with Joey. "This is going to be... probably my last chance to really give it my all, give it my all," she said in a confessional.


But her daytime date with Joey soon takes an unexpected turn. Rachel injured her jaw when she jumped into a local swimming pool and could barely speak, prompting the couple to go to the emergency room.

Ultimately, X-rays revealed no damage, but Rachel was troubled by how her injuries affected the course of her day. Joey tried to comfort her. "It's still going to be in my mind," she told Joy. "Because, I kept questioning, like, am I catching up on the time I spent with him?"

But Joey explained that the incident showed him a more vulnerable side of her and that he had "zero doubts" about their connection in the fantasy suite. After their overnight date, Joey told cameras that Rachel was "more honest and open," adding that life with her would be "wonderful."

Ominous advice from a golden ex

Kelsey had a heart-to-heart chat with Gerry Turner's Bachelor Gold runner-up Leslie Fima. The two bonded over the loss of their mother, and Leslie left Kelsey a warning: "You'll always have something in your head...that's probably not who you are."


Despite the warnings, Joey and Kelsey went on a fun date, enjoying a boat ride, and Joey admitted he could see a "great future" with her, so much so that he asked her if she wanted one Buy a house on the island. water.

Later, over dinner, the two said they fell in love with each other for the first time, making breakfast the next morning that looked like something out of a romantic comedy. "I know it's going to continue to grow and I'm leaving with a lot of confidence... I'm going to keep going until I say it 100 percent because you deserve it," Joey told before heading out Kelsey days.


Sandra Mason gives Daisy a pep talk about intimacy and openness, while Joey plans to express his feelings alone. "The last thing she told me back home was that she was in love with me," Joy said in a confessional. "I almost threw it back and said, 'I felt the same way.'" But I couldn't say it back. "

After the ATV outing, Joey and Daisy went to dinner. She explained some of her hesitations in expressing herself, citing a past partner who wasn't as "emotionally available" as she was.


Likewise, Joey opened up about his own insecurities, including worries that he was no longer a good person after a past relationship "because (he) didn't make her feel as special as she wanted."

He ended the dinner portion of the date, revised his past "vomit word," and told Daisy, "I'm in love with you." The next morning, he told the camera that he was sure if he proposed, Daisy would Will definitely agree.

Tulum's twist

Normally, this would be the moment in the episode where Joey thinks about his last three women. However, his Fantasy Suite ended on a cliffhanger - Kelsey, who had been dealing with the insecurities of Leslie's warning, left a "we need to talk" note on Joey's door .

Joey cried looking at the note, telling the camera that the thought of Kelsey leaving was his "worst nightmare come true."