Explanation of the ending of Chicken Nuggets: Has Miner turned back into a human again?

Netflix's Chicken Nuggets Korean drama has been a wild ride for all fans as it leads to Min Ah being turned into a piece of fried chicken by a machine and her father and his staff desperate to turn her into a human . But did they ultimately succeed?

The title of this Korean drama is only part of this bizarre and alluring story based on a webcomic. Choi Sun-wan and his employee Go Baek-jung are in considerable trouble. An unknown machine turns Sun Wan's daughter into delicious golden and crispy chicken nuggets.

Strange, right? But this is only part of a larger story, as the search for answers to make her human again leads to a series of comedic and complicated revelations. In the 10 episodes of this Korean drama, Baek Joong and Sun Man uncover the secrets behind the unknown machine.

At the end of Chicken Nuggets, Sun Man and Baek Joong are faced with the frustrating decision of how to save Min Ah. Here's the thing. Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Did Minah turn back into a human again in the Korean drama "Chicken Nuggets"?

No, she doesn't. At the end of the Korean drama, alien Baek Jung returns to Earth to report that he can't turn Min Ah back into a human. Instead, he gives Baek Jung a chance to go back to before Min Ah turned into a chicken nugget.


Part of the storyline of the Korean drama is the reveal that Baekjung Chicken Nuggets employees are aliens from a distant world. They traveled 200 years ago in two machines from the Korean drama. After using them to become human, they were abused by others and lost. They are trapped.

The climax of episode 10 of "Chicken Nuggets" is when the alien Bai Zheng realizes that he must return to his own planet to atone for his past sins of killing humans. As well as using his power against Baek Jung, Sun Man, In Won and Tai Man. After learning to love, he promised to take Minya with him and transform her into a human again with the help of the people on his planet.

Shanwan had no choice but to let go of his daughter in tears to save her. But the time of the Korean drama jumped 50 years into the future, and Baek Jung is now the famous singer he always dreamed of. One night, he woke up and found the alien Bai Zheng in the living room.

It's Min-ah with him, but she's a fried chicken nugget. He reveals that after his team was stranded on Earth 250 years ago, his planet banned all travel to Earth. Why? Because the Earth has created weapons of destruction. As a result, all the travel machines were destroyed, but aliens Baek Jung and Min Ah arrived on the only remaining machine.

The problem is that the alien Bai Zhang needs a day to recharge the machine before he can turn into a human. But one day on their planet is equivalent to 50 years on Earth. If he succeeds, no one will remember Min Ah when she comes back. Alien Bai Zheng gave Bai Zheng a choice.

He can go back to when Min Ah was human and erase all of his memories. With Min-ah's addition, the fate of billions of people in the current timeline will still happen according to fate. When Baek Jung calls Sun Man to come see him to make a decision, Sun Man puts on a suit and dies peacefully when he arrives.

"Chicken Nuggets" ends with Baek Jung telling Min Ah that she deserves to spend the time she deserves with her father. The final scene is Min Ah bringing chicken nuggets to her father's company.

"Chicken Nuggets" is available on Netflix and is one of many Korean dramas to be released by Netflix in 2024. If you are interested in more Korean dramas from Kim Yoo Jung, go here.