Joey Graziadei hears your complaints

Joey Graziadei knows his Bachelor journey is getting the meme treatment, and he agrees.

Viral gaffes from people saying the island nation of Malta has an "old-school vibe" to confusing Gypsy Rose Blanchard with the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will only make more Audiences love the main character of Season 28 - proving that while this is a seriously problematic journey, it can also be a little silly.

“There’s something going on every week,” Joey told Busy with a laugh, admitting that his pun in Week 4 rhyming Alta and Malta “wasn’t [his] proudest moment.” But, he added, “Look It’s fun to let my personality come out more.”

In addition to these light-hearted moments, Joey and his fellow contestants develop real connections. According to the very dramatic trailer for Season 28, his journey will be called "the most romantic season in Bachelor history." But that doesn't mean it won't be complicated, and as host Jesse Palmer teased, the finale should be an "unprecedented, shocking first" for the series.

Viewers will have to wait a few more weeks to find out if that holds true.

Meanwhile, Joey starts talking about intimate one-on-ones, visiting the White House, and the Bachelor moments that his sisters won't let him down.

Disney/John Fleno

You made a great comment defending women’s vulnerability during one-on-one dates. Has hearing their stories impacted the way you deal with your own mental health and emotions?

Yes, part of the process is [the fact that] time is of the essence. You don't know how much time you're going to get. You don’t know the perfect time to share something. The beauty of a one-on-one is that it's an uninterrupted space where you can speak freely and share things that are important to the person you might be with to get to know who you are. That's why I made that comment.

As [critics] keep saying, these women can come across as "traumatizing," or putting a lot of pressure on me. More importantly, they are sharing the things that make them who they are. I welcomed it with open arms, and I reciprocated that with women, even though not everyone saw it. They learned a lot about me through the entire process. Here’s how it should work – both parties are willing to share intimate things about themselves to see if a real connection can be made.

Your family has been supportive of you throughout this entire experience, but I'm sure your sisters have something to say about the show as well. Did they tease you about anything specifically?

They're always in my corner, but if they see something that's a little ridiculous, they let me know - which they should. My sister has never let me down when I wear flamenco boots for dates in Spain. During that time, Carly left everything to me.

Disney/John Fleno

You recently visited the White House, which isn't a normal stop on a bachelor's tour. What does that look like?

Very wild. They contacted us and wanted me to come visit and see how things were going. They are all sweet. That was a day I will never forget. See history, walk through the West Wing, and do things you never thought you'd do.

Bachelor Peter Weber is now on Renegades . Do you watch that show? Will you continue to watch it yourself?

I have heard. I actually had the opportunity to meet Pete, and I met him a few times in New York. He's a great guy. From what I've seen on social media, I've heard he's doing a great job. So I need to catch up. Yes, that could happen in my future – I’m open to it.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.