Maria George Gas should be the next Bachelorette

Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor is still underway, but several front-runners for his final rose have emerged. As he said on the Feb. 19 show, "I can say now that I might fall in love with some of these women."

Only one of Joey's strong relationships will progress to a (potential) proposal, but that just means the next Bachelorette has a few options. As Season 28 draws to a close, Maria Georgas might be the best person for the job.

Maria makes bachelors attractive

While some critics deemed the most recent season of The Bachelor "boring," Joey's journey was anything but boring — thanks to Mariah. She was instrumental in keeping the audience (and other contestants) on their toes.

It's easy to fall into the " villain" archetype, and it's hard to escape it if you find yourself in the middle of drama. That's why Mariah's time on the show is so worth watching. She's had plenty of opportunities to be more cunning, like when she was accused of bullying. But whenever she encounters a conflict, she's quick to address it and ask for clarification, like when Jesse Edwards said it was "disrespectful" to talk to Joey when she already had a rose.

Disney/Jane Theis

Mariah's cool, collected delivery may be disarming to other women, but it doesn't mean she's mean. She's also self-aware, declaring the Week 2 misunderstanding "the dumbest fight in Bachelor history." These qualities not only make Mariah fun to watch on "The Bachelor," but also demonstrate her ability to see past surface drama to become a potential lead on "The Bachelorette."

she puts herself first

In week five in Spain, Lea Cayanan was unhappy with Maria staying on despite almost quitting after the Malta match. "If you're ready to leave after a small confrontation, are you really doing it for Joey?"

But Mariah's near-exit isn't a weakness, it's actually a show of strength - a reminder that, while yes, she's definitely here for Joey (did you see their chemistry?), As someone who has been bullied, she has also prioritized her mental health in the past.

Disney/Jane Theis

Mariah and Joey have an undeniable connection, but if they don't work out, Mariah's independent approach to The Bachelor shows that she, too, is capable of taking charge of her own journey and finding a partner.

Bachelor fans show their support

From her unique style to her candid presence on social media—including a recent viral TikTok in which she admitted she was "not innocent" in the Season 28 conflict—it's clear that Mariah has become A Bachelor fan favorite.

The numbers prove it, with @bachelordata on Instagram noting that Maria’s follower growth rate is one of the highest this season.

If ABC hopes to secure a massive turnout from The Bachelorette viewers later this year, Mariah's fans suggest she will be a popular choice for the lead role.