Bridgerton writer Julia Quinn confirms there was an 'indecent' moment in season 3

As a Valentine’s Day gift to everyone, Netflix has just released a few amazing details about the third season of Bridgerton , so buckle up, fans. Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes, Author Julia Quinn and showrunner Jess Brownell kicked off the Feb. 14 panel by teasing fans about Colin and Penelope's love story expectations.

'Romantic Mr. Bridgerton' has 'lots of moments' Quinn told fans that this will lead to the next part. But one scene in particular stood out to her: the one in which Penelope helps Colin dress a cut on his hand.

"It was their first real intimate moment," Quinn said. "Emotionally, but in the Regency period, it was really quite risqué to touch someone's hand. Indeed, that's true in the show as well."

If you don't mind minor spoilers from the book, here's what happens between Colin and Penelope in the following scene.

From book to screen

Early in the novel, while Penelope is reading his private diary, Colin walks in. She was a fan of his prose about his travels, but he wasn't happy with the prying eyes.

When Colin was about to leave angrily with his things, he accidentally cut his hand with a letter opener. Penelope reached into her breast pocket and grabbed a handkerchief to stop the bleeding - while "trying not to notice the warm beating of his heart". (syncope!)

Despite Colin's anger, Penelope's care seemed to soften Colin, who was surprised to see her long-time crush displaying "vulnerability, hesitation, and even insecurity." The accident thus appears to be a crucial (if fortuitous) step towards #Polin's ending.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Other Season 3 Clues

During the virtual fan event, Netflix also released a list of series titles: Out of the Shadows, How Bright the Moon is, Force of Nature, Friends, The Tick, The Romance of Bridgerton ”, “ Hand in hand ” and “ Into the light.”

Brownell encouraged fans to speculate on the title and generate theories ahead of season three — which they will. For example, "coming out of the shadows" is a phrase used in the book (spoiler!) Colin is about to learn about Penelope's alter ego, Lady Whistledown.

Season of reflection?

If you've been following the #Polin hype, you'll know that other scenes in the book have been teased. The promotional art for this season features Penelope looking into a mirror, considered by many fans to be a nod to one of the most passionate moments of "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton," as Colin fantasizes about a love scene in which the mirror can enhance the experience. .

In a social media video, Nicola Coughlan said she "keeps getting messages about the mirror". So it's safe to say she knows what fans are excited to see.