'Young Sheldon' season 7 previews new romance — but there's a problem

In Young Sheldon Season 7, a new connection may be on the horizon — but like all good TV shows, there's a catch.

Fans of "Young Sheldon" may find Season 7 to be a head-turner for them, including the truth behind George's extramarital affair and an unexpected ending cameo.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of new drama brewing - especially the recently confirmed sequel, which showcases Georgie and Mandy's family life.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 5 hints that a potential new romance may be brewing in the not-too-distant future... but there's a problem.

'Young Sheldon' season 7 previews new romance — but there's a problem

Young Sheldon season 7 teased a romance between Missy and neighbor Billy Sparks — but fans won't find out if that's the case until three weeks later.


In the fifth episode of season seven, the two reunite when Missy convinces Billy to host a party at his house while mom Brenda is away. Assuming that Billy is of age, Billy also successfully purchases beer after Georgie and Mandy refuse on their behalf.

Their time together has fans believing there could be more to the story in future episodes - and the theory isn't unfounded. Missy and Billy, who grew up together, have always been connected to each other. Once when Missy was upset, Billy gave Missy a basket of eggs he had raised as a gift.

This potential romance is more likely because Missy just broke up with boyfriend Tyler and may be looking for some extra comfort.

"Is Billy the guy Missy ends up marrying?" one fan posted on Reddit, while another explained, "I don't think they ever said the name of Missy's husband."

Fans also pointed out that Billy was quick to support Missy in key situations, including the time she punched a boy for spreading rumors about Georgie, and their relationship was sure to turn romantic.

There's a catch, however - viewers won't know if this will be extended for another three weeks with episode six, with Young Sheldon taking a break after March Madness.


Young Sheldon Season 7 will air on CBS until May 16, 2024. Watch more great TV this month here.