All About Gerry & Teresa’s Golden Bachelor Honeymoon

The Bachelorette wedding is just around the corner and details are emerging about Gerry Turner and Teresa Nestle's big day.

That includes the newly engaged couple's honeymoon, which was alluded to in the show's December finale.

As fans will remember, host Jesse Palmer surprised Gerry and Theresa as he revealed they would be embarking on a romantic trip to Italy, to which Gerry responded: "We Could make this our honeymoon trip.”

"Bachelor" stars Theresa Nester and Gerry Turner. Disney/John Fleno

While specific details of the pair's Italian honeymoon have yet to be revealed, fans will likely learn more about Gerry and Theresa's first vacation as a married couple as their wedding festivities come to a close.

Gerry and Teresa's big day

The Bachelor stars will tie the knot on Thursday, January 4, in a highly anticipated televised wedding.

According to spoiler site Reality Steve, the ceremony will take place at the La Quinta Resort & Club near Palm Springs, where Gerry and Teresa were photographed in December.

As host Palmer previously revealed, in addition to the bride and groom and their friends and family, "all the golden women" will also attend the golden bachelor 's wedding.

Theresa Nester and Gerry Turner. Craig Jordin/Disney Universal Entertainment Content/Getty Images

Gerry discussed the couple's decision to get married so soon after the show ended in December, telling People , "When you're in your 70s, time goes by faster."

"When you're in your 20s and you put something off for a year, it's a very small part of your life," he explains. "I was 100 percent sure I found the girl for me. So it was like, why not?"

post-marriage plans

While on their honeymoon, Gerry and Teresa were busy making other important post-wedding plans, including where they would live as a married couple.

In December, Gerry revealed on "Kelly & Mark Live" that "very early on" they thought living in Charleston "would be a good idea."

“But since I’ve been to New Jersey a few times, I really like that area,” he continued. “So, we now have two areas to explore house hunting, which makes it twice as fun.”