Kelsey A. from The Bachelor is following in the Bachelorette's footsteps

According to Kelsey Anderson's Bachelor bio, the 25-year-old "loves making thoughtful gifts for her partners when they're in a relationship." She seemed to feel the love as early as the first night, when she brought Joey Graziardi a voodoo doll of her own—tiny tennis racket and all.

Not only is this voodoo doll a convenient reminder of Kelsey A.'s hometown of New Orleans, but it could also make the two fall in love. She kissed the doll before handing it to its new father. "He should help guide you on your new journey and everything that's to come," she said.

So, will the doll guide Joey to give Kelsey her final rose? That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, here's everything you need to know about Kelsey's journey beyond The Bachelor.

Thinking of her mother

One of the first things viewers learn about Kelsey is that her mom recently passed away. She admired her parents' love story and grew up in the years following their loss. "Like, I'm closer to my dad now. I want to start my own family," she said in a confessional. "I think my mom would like Joey."

In addition to honoring her mother, Kelsey also uses her Instagram to express her love for her hometown, from carnivals to everyday outings, like celebrating her Bachelor debut.


"I love New Orleans," Kelsey said in her Bachelor introduction package. "It feels different than anywhere else - there's so much culture, music and food." However, she didn't have much luck on the local dating scene. "I don't like bad boys. Like, I like boys who are nice to me, and they're nice."

Kelsey's Bachelorette Connection

According to Kelsey’s bachelor’s degree resume, she works as a junior project manager. When she's not working, she enjoys exploring the city and sometimes managing it. Kelsey recently announced that she will be competing in the Crescent City Classic 10K race held each spring.

If this sounds familiar, well, it should! Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko also took part in the game last year during their one-on-one date in New Orleans. So it looks like Kelsey is following in the recent Bachelorette footsteps, albeit indirectly.

Are Kelsey and Joey together?

Speaking of The Bachelorette, what are the chances of Kelsey taking the lead? Or will she and Joey grow apart? Potential spoilers ahead.

Disney/John Fleno

According to Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve, Kelsey has definitely made great progress. She reportedly traveled the world with Joey and others. and Go to Hometown and Fantasy Suites. However, Reality Steve wrote that Kelsey was Joey's runner-up.

If so, her exit may be why Joey was crying in the flash-forward to the Bachelor premiere.